Friday, August 11, 2006

The Boys

What a pleasant surprise. These three landed at our house for a while last night. Left to right - Tyler, Zach, Braeden - also know as Ty, Zacky wacky, and Brady. They are my cousin's boys. We had been to the funeral home for visitation with her grandmother's family. Not related to us except by marriage, which in the rural south means we are related. I love how families here just open their arms wider to include entire families when a marriage happens. I will miss Granny an awful lot. We will be praying for the family as they make this transistion to being without her.

Any way boys and funeral homes are a stressful combination, so we offered to take them home with us. We got a pizza - watched some tv - and were entertained by the banter of children that were not ours. You know - the kind you give cola and candy to and then send home with their parents. Borrowed children.

Brady prefaced every - and I mean every sentence with - "I need to tell you sumpin." Too cute. Tyler, is a perfect gentleman and reminded the others that it was "yes m'am - not yea". Zach - lives up to the nickname and is the true clown of the bunch. "He's gonna play football at UGA." Man, I love those boys. I wish they lived close enough to spend more time with.

I grew up in a small family so I was close to their mom, Meredith.My moms family was together every Sunday after church. But as we have become adults with our own families and life responsibilities, we have drifted slightly apart. Every time we are together though, it is as if we haven't been away at all.

As we took them to our house last night, I thought about how important family is to me. I can rely on those people to help me if I need it. Telling the stories of our life growing up reminds of things I had forgotten about. They have memories of my dad that get shared and I listen with awe at another persons perspective of him. Because we grew up close, there are no acts with these people, We can leave all the masks on the hook by the door. Yes, we make fun of each other, but even the jest is softer, with no malice intentions. We may not agree with one another all the time, but we sure will love each other no matter what.

My children won't have this closeness with hers. They won't have this closeness with any of their cousins. We are so spread out that they don't get to climb trees, hide eggs, scare mom with a snake they caught, or any of those things I remember so fondly. They won't have that ability to take off the mask entirely. For me that is a loss to mourn as well.

If you are close to your family, count your blessings. If there is a rift that needs mending, by all means be the one to start the healing process. If there is something or someone absent in your family unit, I am so sorry. I have found myself being jealous of large, close, family units. My dad is missing from mine and we are not even aquainted with his siblings, much less cousins. I never knew his parents. And we are not really close to ones I grew up with any more. But as I have thought about this, envy is not a good feeling to have. The family I have is precious. They are special. And although my family unit is smaller, they are all mine, and I love them. That means I am blessed.

Have a beautiful day.


FashionLover said...

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Natasha said...

How lucky those boys are to have been able to spend time with you!! That will remain a wonderful memory in their minds and ease the loss of a loved one.

You have an amazing ability of expression through words!! What an inspirational read.