Tuesday, August 15, 2006


My little girl ain't so little anymore. Molly turned 16 today. So in honor of her 16th, I am going to list 16 random things about her. I am after all the proud mom and I love both my girls - hope this doesn't bore you too much.

1 - I almost died having her. Spent 4 days in ICU - could not even go to the bathroom without calling a nurse. I actually had a toolbox with all the supplies in case I crashed.

2 - She is close to 6' tall and has a 37-38 inch inseam. Wears a size 5 pants.

3 - She leads by example not by command.

4 - She is not afraid to share her faith in God with others.

5 - She has a $30,000.00 finger. We had to have it rebuilt after a van sliding door closed and locked on it. The lock mechanism actually locked into her finger splitting it in half through the nail bed. After micro surgery, it is functional, but another elective surgery can make it better.

6 - When she was little, people would see her and say "Look at that baby with all the hair."

7 - She is #2 in her class. Excellent student.

8 - She plays basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

9 - She makes jewelry. I am trying to get her to sell some.

10 - She is a little OCD about things.

11 - She loves photography and, unlike her mom, is very good at it.

12 - Her nickname is MOO.

13 - Her placement tests recommend that she be a bartender (I hope not).

14 - She has no idea what she wants to do in her life.

15 - She was always a small adult. When she was a toddler, she would pick up things and hand them to me saying " I not need this."

16 - Every now and then she still gives me a hug in public and she tells me every day that she loves me. Guess what baby girl -I love you too.


Hope you have a beautiful day.


Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to your dear Molly!!!
Treasure the moments this day!

Natasha said...

Happy Birthday Molly!! And "thumbs up" to saving her finger!! What an ordeal that must have been!