Thursday, August 24, 2006

Friendly Affirmation

I hinted at an affirmation gift in my last post. Here's the photo. Each card has a single word printed on mulberry paper glue to it. Inside I wrote a small affirmation that tied to the word. Very easy to do. The most difficult part is deciding what words and affirmations to include.
After I finished them I added a quick note explaining the "why" of the gift. And then off they went - with hope and prayers that they will bring the feeling of being cared for by someone.

I love the feeling of having a cheerleader when things are tough. I have been very fortunate in my life to have friends I can rely on. I grew up with my best friend, Jim. We were always "just friends." We were a package though, and as I started dating and he started dating, we always explained how it worked to our dates. Funny, no one ever had a problem, and I became friends with his wife and their kids too. I lost Jim a few years ago. He passed away from a heart attack.

About the same time, I changed jobs and God blessed me with another best friend. I recognize just how fortunate I am. Many people go through life neve having even one true friend. I have been blessed with two. Blessed at the right time in my life to have the person I needed to walk with me.

There are varying degrees of friendship. I have customers and co-workers that are funny and easy to be around. I have people that are a part of my life because we have similar interests. But these are not the people you call at 4am because some "demon" is keeping you up. No -you save "demon-slaying" for those people who really try and understand you. Those who know the bad, the ugly, and all the good, and love you because all of that is a part of you. You really save the difficult, needy, trying, heavy stuff for those who know you best and will do what they can to cheer you through. But, remember, you have to be willing to carry them at times too.

As I have matured, I recognize that a true friendship is NEVER one-sided for long. As a friend, I am willing to carry my share of the load, to receive the phone call in the middle of the night too.

Affirm a friend today. Let them know how valuable they are to you. Make it a grand gesture or a small private joke that you share. Just let them know.

"A friend is that person who halves pain and doubles joy."

Have a beautiful day.

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