Thursday, August 03, 2006


I really should have pressed this apron before I took this picture. Sorry.

I found this in an antiques store in Ridgeland, MS on one of those afternoons I was hiding from high maintenance people. Its made of flour sack type material and this wonderful print cotton. I plan to use it as a pattern to make more for our church bazaar this fall. I adore the embroidered details and the little pocket. What is it about aprons these days? I seem to be drawn to them so I'm sure I will be making some. Now about pet peeves and the real reason I was out junking instead of making sure our daughter was resting, hydrating, and staying out of that Mississippi heat. Why are people either so high maintenace they get on my nerves or just plain daft about following instructions which, by the way, bothers me even more.

We stayed in a hotel for 50.00 per night. I am 41 years old and I know that for that price you get clean rooms and towels. That's about all you can expect. I organized the rooms, I guess that makes me the responsible party. From the complaining phone calls that came to my room, I must have built, furnished, maintained, and cleaned those (*&^% rooms too. People - call the front desk with complaints. Although, the internet said SOME rooms would have fridges and microwaves, it was expected that they all would. I am still trying to figure how how reasonably intelligent adults got that SOME = ALL. Am I the one with the learning disability here??

Fast forward. Uniform shorts mix up. Sorry girls. I sent 6 (count them - 6) emails before we left asking that all items put in the community laundry basket be labeled with either a uniform number, girls initials, or name in/on them. I even provided sharpies in my room for doing this if it was not already done. 4 pair of red shorts made it into the laundry without any id. Me and volunteer laundry mom guessed. Now we had been at a coin laundry in a rough neighborhood for 2 hours in sweltering conditions. Hot, tired, miserable and the rest of the world is in the pool, AC, and enjoying themselves. you ^&% straight we guessed. And the girls worked it out with absolutely no complaints the next morning. More than I can say about myself and the other adults in the picture. This could have been avoided, by reading, comprehending, and applying not only instructions, but common sense as well.

After we checked out and went to the ball park - there were still adults who complained about things at the hotel. OKAY PEOPLE - WE ARE CHECKED OUT OF THE HOTEL - IT IS TOO LATE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS ISSUE. Think this through. What am I supposed to do? Did it make you feel better to tell me?

My trip was complicated by the biggest pet peeve I possess. People who have a complete lack of thought processes at times. The stresses incurred at all levels of this brought me to foul language and tears. In my nature, that is immediately followed by not giving a rip whose feeling I hurt. Outcome of said stress - I will not do housing again. One of the complainers can take it on. I will not do laundry again - one of the complainers can guess whose uniform they have in their hand. Not one of the complainers offered to help. Not one of the complainers was in the laundromat helping fold uniforms and mate socks. I guess their job was just to BI*&^&. Not one of the complainers was there to unload the trailer and reload the scout stuff in it. (Many thanks to Coach Duncan, who did help and his wife who did the laundry)

So I escaped and spent 2 hours at the bead store and salvage store and antique mall. It was very good for my sanity. It kept me from unleashing my redheaded temper. I also escaped one night and drank margaritas.

There are some FURY moms who read this blog. If I said or did anything to offend you, I am sorry. My reactions at times were highly innappropriate and for that I apologize.

I will say that those teenage girls were beautifully behaved. 6 days together and I heard no major bickering at all. They played hard. They were sportsman like on and off the field. They are a joy to be around and I love each and every one of them.

Again - I apologize for my inappropriate reactions. I teach my girls to do that and I am willing to do that too.

Thanks to those who listened to me and tried to take the load off. Special thanks to Mr. Net Coach and his lovely wife for really encouraging me and calming me down.

Even with all the stress - it was a wonderful trip.

Do you have a pet peeve? When I reread this post, I actually chuckled at some of the story. I hope I don't offend anyone by sharing this story. Pet peeves are just that - peeves - and there are times when they are much larger than life. Especially when you are tired - and stressed already. ( I already had a sour taste about some things before we left.) Does anyone else out there have stories of this nature they would like to share? Sure makes me feel better knowing that others are not perfect always.

DAY THREE OF NO CRAFT PURCHASES - I am hanging in there - are you??

After you finish laughing at me over these stories, try and have a beautiful day.

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sylvie said...

Hi Maggie! I'm glad that we discovered each other's blogs. I can relate to this story in my own way. My husband and I used to take groups of people to the South of France for painting workshops. We were responsible for all of the lodging, meals, etc. And let me tell you there was a lot of "etc."!
I find that there's something funny that happens with otherwise very pleasant people when they get into a group; a group mentality takes over. They regress, and become dependent and competetive with one another. With all due respect to our past clients (who were mostly in their 40s and 50s), I felt like I was in the babysitting business. Tiresome. I found myself shouting at one point, "You're in the South of France! How can you complain!"