Friday, August 11, 2006

Work in Progress (UFO)

In the spirit of work in progress Friday, finishing what I have started, and using what I have, I share these. Destined to be tree ornaments. Patterned after one I saw at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. The photo on my screen shows the stripe as a true red - it's not - it is a more rusty color on cream. The primitive style tree is backstitched with beads and its done on wool felt that I picked up somewhere. The medallions are blanket stitched on. I have had these sitting in a pile for a while, just like this. It was a portable project to this point. Now I just need to machine stitch and stuff. I think I am goint to use vintage rick rack for the hanging loop. And the best part, I won't need to buy anything to finish this project.

Day 11 of using what I have - so far so good.

Is anybody out there trying to do this with me???

Do any of you have any quick but cute bazaar ideas you would be willing to share???

I also printed the backs for 2 sets of atc last night and will glue them up tonite and if they are dry I will mail tomorrow - if not it will be Monday - thank you deep south humidity

This weekend's project. Finish children party hat atc and mail on monday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday.

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