Friday, May 04, 2007

Gratitude Friday

My Licorice peeks over the fence like this sometimes. I have absolutely no idea where this laundry bag came from. It hangs in my laundry room as a cover for the hideous electrical panel box. There is some kind of stain (dye) shading on it and it appears to have been done before the embroidery was completed. Look at the towels in the little basket. Martha Stewart collection has very similar ones in the stores right now. I bought several to add monograms and other motifs on.
edited- see the first comment. Ann is my wonderful mother-in-law - Love you Ann - thanks for the information. With everything we have at the house, I simply lost track of where this came from.
Now for the gratitudes - Today is the 4th - so I'll do 4.
1. I don't have that horrid migraine headache today.
2. We got rain last night and more is predicted for today.
3. I was able to surprise my friend Melissa with a caramel cappacino last night. She loves these and she so deserves to be treated occasionally. She's a mom to 3 teenage girls and a special education parapro for the high school program.
4. It's prom weekend. Lot's to do. I cannot wait to see her. Last week was Abby's dance and she was beautiful. This week it's Molly's turn.
I will spend my evening wondering if she is having a good time. I will be holding my breath until I know she is at Melissa's house safely. They are having a late night pool party there. I will be working on the shelf I thrifted earlier this week.
Then on Sunday, it's soccer banquet. Decorate, feed the girls, their families, clean up, then crash. Why is it the last 3 weeks of school seem to be the busiest? We are rushed and harried. Even the girls are setting mile stones. "If I can just get through Tuesday."
Think about Vallen and Claire and all their friends this weekend. Handmade Parade is occuring this weekend. Ladies I sure hope you have great weather, enjoy meeting one another, and have a large crowd of customers. Wish I could be there.
Have a great weekend. Will have pretty pictures on Monday.


Ann A. said...


Vallen said...

Thanks for the plug dear Teresa. We are having rain today also, but forecasts for tomorrow predict 90 degress. Here's hoping. I hope Molly has a ball.

Jean said...

I love the laundry bag and the baby blanket. I was just wondering how you get so much done!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Thanks for stopping by the cabin the other day!
I enjoyed hearing about your girls, prom preparations, and taken a peek at your creations!
You have a way with words-enjoyed it! Claudia O.

Felicia said...

What a terrific curtain for that mundane detritus of life. So adorable!

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

HI there I am enjoying your blog so much! :) Will be back. I love your creations.