Monday, May 07, 2007

No One Turned into a pumpkin

Preparations begin early in the day. At the time this photo was taken, Dad had already earned some gold stars. The nail tech called me 30 minutes before Molly's appointment and they were on the way to the emergency room with a sick child. I was another state away, so Dad had to step out of his comfort zone and find a new nail salon for the missy. They did and her nails are beautiful. The complicated part of nails for Molly, she has a scarred nail from an injury and it can easily become infected so we have to be very careful about who works on her nails. Finding someone in our area who speaks and really understands English is difficult. But they did.

Then off to hair. 2 hours in the salon chair. Remember too, this is the south and after weeks of no rain, it has rained for two days. An entire can of hairspray. Even with that, these ringlets were wilting by the end of the photo session.

Took off to the Unversity of Georgia campus for pictures. We were quite the attention grabbers. Walking downtown, through the Human Rights Festival in their very formal attire. This photo was taken just to the right of the arch on Broad Street. With all the cameras we had with us, there are about 700 frames to pick from.

Molly went with 3 friends. Left to right - Zack, Brittany, Brittany, Molly. From here they went to dinner, seems some lovely older ladies asked them to stand and model their dresses at the restaurant. Zack was thrilled to be surrounded by beautiful girls. Prom, then a late night movie - Spiderman 3. They got home at 3am.

Mom was up until little missy called and let us know she was at the Ellisor's safely.

Seems like yesterday, they handed me this tiny creature. I still remember being terrified about taking her home. I had absolutely no idea how to be her mom. I wanted to beg to stay at the hospital, please. But they hand you that little one and send you off. And you do the best you can. And every day, thousands of decisions, hopefully the right ones. And you teach, by word, by example. And you love, and forgive, and trust. It's scary. It's rewarding. It's the most difficult job you will ever have and the pay scale really sucks. You must understand - it is the benefits package that make this job worthwhile. Look at the smiles, listen to the words dance through your heart, remember the scent of their skin, wipe the tears, celebrate the victories, comfort through the failures, and know that "this is my Mom" is all the recognition you need.

I did squeeze in some MaggieGrace work this weekend. I will share that as the week goes on.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.


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Felicia said...

She is so beautiful. You should be very proud!

Laura said...

So pretty! I can't believe she's so old!

MaryAnn said...

Good job, mama! She's a beauty!

tongue in cheek said...

Beautiful girl! I hope her evening was equally as lovely.