Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Work in Progress

All right now. These are my latest creation. Simple. Quick. USING THINGS I HAVE. What are they??? Gift enclosure cards. Small folded cards to toss in a gift box or bag. I have purchased in the past way too many of the "scrap packs" of paper at the dollar store. (anybody else guilty?) then I use one or two peices of the paper and toss the rest in a box.

Well I needed something to include in some packages I am preparing. I decided to do some of these. Kinda sorta an assembly line type of approach, but not really. I did fold all sorts of these and separate them into packs of 6 assorted colors. Then I chopped up pages from a vintage book and proceeded to stamp them with initials. I have them sorted into a kit form - all stacked on one of my working "trays" and as time allows I will assemble them and complete them. Each set will be slightly different in the finishing. Some stamped. Some collaged. Some simply embellished.

About the stamps - they are from a set I found in an old office building we worked in. Way back in the closet not being used. The boss said take them home. I love these and have used them over and over. Add to it they are eye candy too. Stacked in that clear plastic box. There is a full set of the letters and I also have a set of numbers and punctuation marks too. Gotta love a freebie this cool.

Thanks so much for the comments from yesterday. I found a new blog buddy from those comments. Love it when that happens.

I also have almost completed all of the Fabric Challenge projects from MaryAnn's blog. When she sent my fabric, it came with the instructions to take my time, and so I have. However, now it is time to get her fabric on out of the house. I have to redo the committment list again to see where I am on things. I really can't wait to have the big board in the studio for this. I found a huge picture frame at a yard sale and I plan to staple wire mesh to it and attach those tiny binder clips to it. Then I can hang my lists and notes in a form that can be rearranged.

Now for reality news. I am fat. Shopping for a swimsuit several weeks back confirmed it and I am offcially attempting to lose this extra weight. Why blurt that here? Somehow, it makes me more accountable to share this with the cyber world. I have walked for years and still the weight creeps up. I think it may be the medication I take for the breast cancer risk. So at tomorrows doctor's appointment, we will discuss either stopping that or changing it and doing some other things as well. I also have the dreaded mammogram too. There are several reasons for this really hard discussion with the doctor. I am 10 years to the good on the cancer thing. Weight and blood pressure are creeping up (both listed side effects of the medication) My mom just had a stroke and the medication increases this risk for me too. I know there is a cyst in the same breast where I had surgery before - I have had this one aspirated twice and it continues to return. Another hard part will be the discussion of leaving it again or having it removed. All in all a stressful office visit - riddled with decisions. In my rational brain - I know the mammogram will be fine but the irrational part of me sure is struggling - and I will until I get through it and see the images. ( I can read them myself by now)

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. See you tomorrow.


Vallen said...

After your appointemtn let's figure out the losing weight thing together. Maybe we can start a new blog about it.

carolyn said...

Good luck tomorrow and I'll tell you it will take time but if I can lose 35 lbs SO CAN YOU! after some not so great medical news I realized I too really have to bring the pounds down---weight watchers helped. I like having a plan that works and buy all means do it with a friend!