Thursday, May 31, 2007

A list of things I need to use ..... and a WIP

Contessa Kris had a post on her blog that I thought was a fabulous idea. I am blatantly copying the idea with my own list. She has been cleaning and organizing and doing the same kinds of things I am in using what she has. I have a ton of stuff at my house and I only use out of a portion of it. Probably because I can't lay my hands on it. So last night I kind of dug through some of the drawers and cautiously opened a few doors.

Ta-da - the list of things I bought but haven't used - and now will try to find a use for.

1. upholstry fabric - I reach for lighter weight stuff all the time so look for a few projects using some of this heavier stuff.
2. tapestry fabrics - see note above.
3. scrapbook papers - I really need to do some cards and tags. This runs in spurts.
4. Masks - ceramic MardiGras type masks. The plastic eye masks. bought for a party and never used.
5. Precut tulle circles - bought on clearance for pennies a pack. used on the crown for Nerissa
6. paper doilies - see note 5.
7. Bright colored embossing powders - found these when deciding on shelf space for the stamp shelf
8. wallpaper pieces - not a clue why I have these.
9. lettering templates - the plastic ones you use a pen or pencil through
10. tiny glass vials (i think they were called watch makers vials)
11. clear christmas ornaments
12. glass nuggets - a grocery bag full - those little round coloered things with a flat back -- ???????
13. glass finish liquid stuff??? similar to diamond glaze
14. unfinished wooden stuff - boxes, purses, birhouses, etc
15. spools of remnant upholstry yarns. bought at the fabric warehouse in all kinds of colors
16. frames - lots of picture frames - big ones - little ones - round ones - funky shaped ones.
17. various office supplies - old notebooks - sheet protectors - file jackets
18. sizzix machine and dies - I actually just broke this out for the mounted ATC but i really need to use it more often.
19. polymer clay -
20. magazines - I buy them a look at them over and over and rarely make any projects out of them. they are just "eye candy"

So, having identified that I need to utilize my magazines in a more deliberate manner, I decided to use a pattern from American Patchwork and Quilting last night for the Roy Rogers Cowboy Quilt. The Blue and White four patch quilt is stunning in the magazine - see page below.

And it looked complicated. So I drooled and turned the page many times before. Last night I actually studied the pattern and discovered only two sizes of squares. A 4 inch one and a 7-1/2 inch one. I can do this. Squares are easy - right. So I get out the Roy Rogers fabric and the denim look fabric and start cutting.

No design wall so it is laying on the floor in the dining room - note a design wall is a requirement for the studio. I did get all of the four patch squares sewn. Loving this so much.

The bright red star is not a part of the quilt. It is a die cut star that I will use to lay out the star quilting lines on the larger squares. The smaller ones will be simple quilted slightly in from the seam all the way around. I have some wonderful red and cream gingham check for the border and I will use a panel of the Roy Rogers, red gingham and the blue to do a large piecing for the backing.

So what do you guys think about it - I used something off the list above (the magazine) and tomorrow begins the use what I have summer. Do I have anyone else joining me for the summer??

Have a wonderful day everyone.


Vallen said...

You definitely have me joining you on that. I can not fit one more thing into my space until I get rid of some stuff. Here, here!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I'm so proud of you! You took my challenge! Can't wait to see all fun stuff you make! Some of things on your list scare me! But the frames sound so fun. I had an idea to cover them all in either scrapbook paper or paint. All similar so you could do a grouping. It would look cool! Loving the new quilt. Can't wait to see the finished product. So funny, we share a love for the same mag! (I subscribe as well and just flip through but don't do anything. lol) But I'm tackling my fabric addiction/stash right now. One challenge at a time. ha

Contessa Kris said...

SOrry, that was me above. It didn't take my sign in info. *eyeroll*

Contessa Kris said...

Speaking of magazines, guess what came in MY mail today (said in a sing song nanenanebooboo voice.) lol NEW ISSUE!

MaryAnn said...

WAY TO GO T! I really need to follow your lead. Really, really. Because some of that upholstery fabric you're hoarding ended up here, too. Ugh.

Felicia said...

I've been trying to cut back and use what I have too if for no other reason than to be able to squeeze into my craft room! LOL One fun thing I try to do is look at my stash of goodies and use two or three different things that are laying on top of each other together. Its sort of a little fun mental challenge to see what I can make from them. There have been some interesting results thats for sure!