Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Boy - that was quick

Thank you all for the kind words yesterday about the shelf. I am really pleased with how it turned out and I cannot wait to see the studio as it is finished. We are trying so hard to not overspend on this project so I am really studying what I want (need).

Miss Molly - seems like yesterday they handed us that squirming little one and sent us home. Now she is all growed up and driving, and NOT working this summer. She was going to get a part-time job, but we looked at the sports schedule for she and Abby and realized we needed a driver - almost full time. So she's the driver and the maid. For those services, Dad and I buy gas and give spending money. She gets to chill between things. Abby is not embarassed by her sister dropping her off. The house is somewhat clean. Everybody is happy with the arrangement.

But she also gets a few special priviledges. On Monday night she said she wanted a crochet beanie hat. (see post from yesterday) I worked on this on Monday night and finished it last night. She was "tickled pink" with this. I modified the pattern from the Lion Brand yarn site. When I followed it exactly it was too small. But it is practically an instant gratification project. She was more than excited to model it last night too. Made from thrifted wool-ease yarn.

I worked on it last night at the softball game. We have several new team members - a situation that will remain undiscussed - and the new mommies were a little surprised by the site of me crocheting. The seasoned moms from our team were quick to point out that I will be working on something all the time. I hope to finish the embroidery part of my MAY CIP project this weekend - so I can post it on Monday. I can see that I will be making some adjustments to my list for the year.

Look behind Molly on the wall. The shelf over the computer is an old wooden drink crate. The one thing about my home is that so many items are used in unlikely ways. I really enjoy repurposing items. I also enjoy the recycling feeling of thrifting and scrounging through warehouses of end lots or discontinued items. Seems like I am doing a small part for the environment.

Weight loss - not a d*(& pound. I am drinking water and eating better and exercising. I feel better - clothes fit better - but scales don't reflect any loss.

Have you guys seen the Ciel d'orage blog? I found this link and I am in love. Follow this for eyecandy. The French have the most wonderful appreciation for beauty in everything. Be sure and follow the links on her sidebar for more treats. I have been reaquainting myself with my high school french - I really need to find my old dictionary in order to get all of it, but even if you can't read it the pictures are worth all of it. I can see some red cross stitch on natural linen in my very near future just because of this blog.

I have so many ideas floating around in my head. I am continually inspired by what I read, see, hear. I try to capture these inspirations in my notebooks and then share some of them with you guys here. I will continue to do that and see where it leads. I do know that right now I am not fighting demons and I am improving my work continually. I am in a good place creatively and that feels wonderful.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.


aa said...

Beautiful driver and maid!!! the beanie hat is cute. aa

Raesha D said...

The hat is so cool!! I'm so happy you are in a wonderful place and I hope you stay there forever!!

MaryAnn said...

I am absolutely dying to see the finished studio! I know how much it means to you and I can't wait until you can get in it and create!