Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm Alright - Don't Nobody Worry About Me

Everybody sing along. Yesterday's visit was fairly uneventful. The cyst that has filled back in does not pose a threat at all - watch it and see if it gets any bigger. The boob smasher test will still have to be read by a radiologist and the report generated, but nothing looked any different. Remember after looking at years of my own films, I do a pretty good job of reading them myself. I am a candidate for a convenience procedure called NovaSure - whch will eliminate certain monthly occurances. But it will be only as I determine. I have all of the literature to make that decision and will study it carefully. The hormones are being changed slightly to lessen the weight issues. And yes I do need to lose a lot of weight. 40+ pounds.
Blood Pressure - okay
Cholesterol - wonderful
Mental Health at 4:45 pm yesterday - so much better.

I went to Curves last night. Met a wonderful lady who makes soy candles and lives near me. We will more than likely be on a very similar workout schedule. That will help me be more accountable to go. I drank the entire 64 ounces of pure water yesterday that has been suggested and got up to pee three times during the night.

So now in addition to the boring life you all read about here - you will be subjected to the trials of weight loss and exercise and eating healthy. For dinner last night - black bean soup and rice - with green salsa and a little cheese. It was very filling and I did not wake up starving this morning. To use a phrase form my best friend. WE"LL SEE.

There is still crafty news. I finished the first project from MaryAnn's Fabric Challenge. And started the second one. There will be at least two other creations from this fabric. The picture below is a sneak peek of these works in progress. (MaryAnn you can peek - it doesn't give too much away.) This should also show that I am using every scrap of this fabric. I was inspired by RaggedRoses corsages. It was a little fiddley and tedious but I can see keeping my scraps for this purpose and putting them together at ball games etc. The first ones are always experimental - There are things I will do differently on the next ones.

There is also a view of the "trays" I use to assemble projects. This is just the top of a box that was handy to toss scraps into as I trimmed them off. I mix trims and thread ends and other snippets as I sew. Some of it gets tossed as I clean up, but not everything - just look. It really is kind of sick to keep things this small.

All in all I am having a wonderful day. The Curves near me closes early today, but I may get a quick circuit done before they close. Hope so. As someone said yesterday to me --- Part of the discipline is going when you really don't want to. The reward is knowing that you did. That same person told me I don't eat very healthy. Me - being the slightly stubborn and competitive person that I am - will determine how to eat and lose this weight. So I hope you aren't too bored with this. There will be recipes included.

Have a wonderful weekeend.


Laura said...

I'm so glad everything is okay!

Good for you on the weight loss program! I have gotten so into doing my workout that I actually feel guilty when I don't go or if I "ruin" my workout with Chick-fil-a (like I did yesterday). I have a TON of recipes if you want any! Everything from salad dressings to basil chicken to yummy fruit smoothies.

Raesha D said...

That is wonderful news. I get to have my first mammogram since I was 19 (I had a cyst that needed checked on for a while) in June - just 4 days after my birthday :) Happy birthday to me!! I'm excited to hear about your weight loss progress - maybe it will inspire me to get back on my treadmill:):)

OldBagNewTricks said...

I'm so glad your mammogram turned out well. I'm throwing confetti for you... And good luck on your commitment to lose weight, which is so satisfying and trackable. Yes -- do share recipes.