Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Envy - one of the seven deadly sins isn't it. I have issues with it myself. Not all the time. But occasionally. I envy the time others seem to have. I envy the seemingly perfect family lives others may have. I envy those who still have their fathers. I envy that young woman who seems to be able to eat anything she wants to and still stay thin. I envy the lady at church who knits beautifully. As hard as I try too, sometimes I just cannot keep this green monster from creeping into my life.

Then I sit back and really ponder - my best friend does this too - he even has a certain position he sits in that I call the "ponder pose". Leaned back in his chair hands together. I can always tell when he is pondering. Personally - I "zone" - I am physically there, but not mentally. In that mode, I think hard. The time others have - what they do with it is their choice. That perfect family life - maybe they are really having a hard time with a teen - but don't feel like they can share it. Yes - my dad is gone - but I have wonderful memories of him and no one can take those away. That young thin woman - chooses more carefully than I do - what she eats and does. Beth knits - but she took the time to take lessons and I have not done that. So -I really have nothing to be envious of.

But the title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with envy. It is about yarn - thrifted yarn. Three huge leaf and lawn bags full for $12.00 from our new Goodwill store. And while part of it is wonderful, I was not really all that thrilled with some green cotton yarn. Oh the yarn is a dream to work with, and crochets up beautifully, it just this really bright (obnoxious) green. Kind of like some drunks I know. It screams. It is flambouyant. Out there. Green.

I chose to use it for some of those spa type wash cloths. Guess what, they are fabulous. I made one and gave it to Abby to try. She loves it. Wants some for her friends. This is just the kind of project to stick in my purse to have with me all the time. I have plenty of the yarn and I will make these cloths as far as the yarn goes. A super easy pattern - Chain 30. Single crochet across - chain 1 and turn and single crochet across until it is square - Mine are 24 rows. Mindless - not distracting - something to work on while I ponder. I feel good about using thrifted yarn, because it is more "green" for the environment. It is also cotton - a readily renewable resource.

No it is not a use what I have project, but at 12.00 - I just could not walk away from the pile. There are probably 30 full skeins of yarn and tons of partials. I can see that crochet is going to be my current obsession.

I will say - this will be my last supply purchase for a while. I am recommitting to USE WHAT I HAVE for the summer months - JUNE - JULY - AUGUST. Do I have any takers along with me?

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

A look at that green - this is taken on the front seat of the car this morning. One completed cloth and the beginning of another.


see you there! said...

We seem to have something in common I've been on a dishcloth, or spa cloth, making journey lately. Mine are knit tho.

I'm also in the "use what you have" mode. In my case it is art supplies and I've challenged myself to do it for a year. Gulp! I'm already out of my favorite medium to stick things together so will allow myself that one splurge.


Vallen said...

I think that green looks rather vintage-y. I think I like it.

Raesha D said...

What a fabulous score!!! Oh and by the way...have I mentioned green is my favorite color:):):) I am so with you on the use what have. I need to buy some cupcake print fabric for a project and then I need to seriously not buy anything for a year. Do you want to trade me a washcloth for something?? I would really love one or two:):)

Ann-Margret said...

I love that green! (At least, the way it photographed.) And your knitting looks gorgeous. :)

I'm on a use-what-I-have mission, too, since I have recently found myself having to pinch pennies. So I'm determined that, rather spend money on fabric I don't need, I will USE my fabric to make stuff and try to sell it. I'm not going to buy any ribbon, stickers, or ANYTHING. My only exception might be a few zippers because I think I've run out. Buy I will only buy them if I actually sell something first. :)

ann-margret said...

Oops... I meant crochet. Duh. :P