Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Okay - so I am a little strange

Isn't this a really pretty place. This is the hardware store on the square in my town. Owned by Steve and Carol it is one of those old fashioned places where you can go in with a flimmydicky and ask Steve if he has one. Steve will go into the inner sanctum - listen for the rattles and hums - and produce one. He has seed in old galvanized buckets. Buckets and bins of hardware. Look at the carts, they've been around a long time. To lock up those plants, there are two rickety wire gates. You can count on Steve to remind you what needs to be done in the yard at what time of year. Just look at the display out front. During the tilling season, tillers and other instruments of torture. Plants for now. Pruning devices later. Christmas trees starting mid-November. I don't care who you are - Lowe's and Home Depot will NEVER have this kind of atmosphere. I can send Molly by there to get something and then take a check by and slide it under the door. This store is one of my favorite things about my home town.

I have been officially tagged. OldBagNewTricks (Miss Jenny) tagged me with the weird things meme. Now I have done the weird one before, but because I know I am strange, there is more I can tell you.

1. I visit the grave of baseball great Ty Cobb regularly. Not because I am a huge fan. No he's not a relative. I have absolutely no tie to him other than being from the same hometown, Royston, GA. His grave is really close to my Dad's grave, so anytime I visit my Dad's grave I go by the Cobb grave too.

2. I almost never dry my hair. I go to work with it wet every day. And my hair is so much healthier than it used to be. Now that I am growing it longer, this is even more important.

3. I always sleep with cover over me. It may just be a sheet, but I have to have something over me. In the wintertime, I like a cold room and cover with substantial weight on me.

4. I am ambidextrous(sp??). I know lots of us are, but I know why I am. Things you do as a natural progression, like write and eat, I do left handed. Things you learn to do, like bat, crochet, throw, etc, I do right handed. Anything I have been taught how to do I always do right handed. Because of that, the standard turn type can opener, usually a problem for lefties, is no problem for me.

5. I love a midnight swim in the lake. Most people would not even try this in a southern lake, but I love to take the lantern and set it on the ski platform of the boat and swim in the dark. I took my girls and some of their friends for a swim like this and friends' mom was terrified. (The girls had a blast). But I saw JAWS, so no midnight ocean swim for me.

6. I don't like blood and guts horror movies, but I love the Terminator movies and they are full of gore. I do however, love thriller movies that make you think.

7. I carry a knife and a gun with me most of the time. That may not be weird to some, but most women don't carry a pistol in the car and a pocket knife in their purse. The knife was a gift, and I thought I would have no use for it. Then one afternoon, I witnessed an auto accident and a baby was trapped in the van, upside down with gas running everywhere. I used said knife to cut the carseat straps. The pistol, just be aware, if I ever pull it, I am not afraid to pull the trigger, and I grew up in the country, so I am a pretty good shot. In the building I work at, I know there are at least 6 guns at any one time. I also KNOW that guns don't kill people, people do. I would never choose to harm anyone, but do not threaten me or mine.

So there you go. 7 weird things about me. Now according to the rules, I have to tag 7 people. so I tag.
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I am so looking forward to the pj party from yesterday. All of you ladies rock. Just think how much fun we are gonna have.

Have a beautiful day. Teresa

I do hope you will all participate.


Felicia said...

I agree with you about the hardware store. My local store is like mecca during this time of year.

I totally agree with you about your movie likes.

Dawn said...

I have done the weird things meme..but maybe I will try to think of some more and play along....