Thursday, May 03, 2007

Baby Cass Blanket

Another finished project. I do love to show you all these kinds of things. Qualifies for Use What I Have too. The Cass family is expecting a baby boy. This is their second baby and they are reusing so many things. But every wee one needs a blankie - right. Again one of the hospital flannel blankets I bought at the warehouse long long ago. Some knit-cro-sheen hanging around in those wonderful bright colors. As well as some bright colored floss from the jumble box.
I printed the words on my computer using the word art setting. Turned it over and traced it with a transfer pencil that irons on and then embroidered with the random bright floss. I used backstitch and 4 strands of the floss. It really was a quick and fairly easy project. I do not like to crochet with these fine cotton threads, but I have several balls of them so I am using them for the edging. And there will be more of these.
Other fun stuff that I have discovered in my stash of late. Ink pads, embossing powders, glitter. Lots of it. I was thrifting one day this week, and found a shot glass shelf. A nice wooden shelf for 1.00 - I also bought an old stamp collectors directory with really thin vellum pages. The plan - glue the pages randomly on the shelf and use this shelf to store all of these little jars of embossing powder and glitter and such. This is the project spread out on the dining room table now. And more than likely I will work on it while Molly is out to prom on Saturday night. We will see how it progresses.
Also starting a baby blanket for the Danuser's baby. This project is kind of special. Mom lost her grandmother recently and the yarn I am using, was in the boxes that she brought me when she cleaned out the house. So there will be a nostalgic tie for this blanket.
Does everyone bubble over with more ideas than time? I have many items in my head often. I look at what others accomplish and wish I could get more done. Then I realize that I can only do what I can. I waste little time. I feel absolutely no guilt about how my time is spent. I will say that if money were no object, I would quit the day job and just create. But money is an issue. And now I create for my sanity and am trying to put together a plan for using my creations as income. I do know what I don't want to do. I don't want to mass produce 100's of little craft fair objects. In doing the ATC indulgence projects I have discovered what I truly love working with and I am leaning hard in that direction. I am at my best working with textiles and fiber. And that is where I shall focus. So you will see more sewing, cross-stitch, quilting, and other needle arts here. (Don't worry - paper is still a fetish - so there will be others invited to the dance.)
I hope every one is having a wonderful day.
I am.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet blanket! Creating definatley keeps the sanity! I can't wait to see what creation you post next! Post the shelf too! It sounds wonderful!!

Ann-Margret said...

Great blankie!!! :D

And yeah, I have more ideas than time, too. Sigh! :)