Monday, May 21, 2007

No peeking Jenny

Jenny - don't look all the way to the bottom if you don't want the surprise spoiled.

This actually is one of my favorite projects ever. I am loving the color combination and embellishments. I hung it on my bedroom door last night for the pictures and it could live so happily there. I am so sorry it is late going to Jenny. Life attacked and I am sending my groveling apologies on this. There are other goodies with it too. Hopefully she will take these as a peace offering.

Now for particulars. Foundation pieced on a square of high count sheeting. (From my Nanny's stash) using an assemblage of fabric scraps. The buttons are a combination of vintage and new. I love the 4 small ones across the top. Right at the midpoint on the right side is a tiny piece of sheer embroidered trim over a scrap of pink gingham.

The ATC has 3 open hearts couched down onto a piece of vintage lace curtain fabric (yard sale find 4 yards for 2.00) and ribbons in the corners. It mounts by tying to the mother of pearl buttons around the center. It is backed and bound with a new fabric that anchors and frames this beautifully. It is hand quilted using a multihued dyed floss. YUM!.

After I finished it, I decided to hang it banner style and used a piece of wire. I added tiny wooden spools on the end of the wire and wrapped them with more of the floss. It is hanging from more of the matching ribbon. While this was not a quick project, it was very simple and I am so very happy with the finished results.

All together now -- I used what I had -- either stuff I had gathered in the past or things people gave me.

I only have one more swap that I have to complete and it is MaryAnn's fabric challenge. I have some of it finished and more to come. I am happy with the outcome on this one too. Then I will spend some time on CIP items and two baby quilts I have planned.

Let me know what you think of this project. Despite the fact that a lot of my stuff in the past has been dark, I do believe this work is one if the truest reflections of me. I am discovering that it is okay to be strong and still be feminine. I think this piece reflects a variety and a strength that I have found in me, while still being soft and pretty. I mostly hope that Jenny is happy with it.

I bought the new Mary Englebreit magazine this weekend and Hillary (wee wonderfuls) has her robot soft toy featured. There are several magazines lately showcasing work and homes of various people I am familiar with through this medium. I love that angle so much. Also Victoria Magazine is returning in October - I am so excited about this - it was always one of my favorites too.

I sure am having a great Monday so far. Remember to tell someone that you love them today. Have a wonderful day yourself.


Roxanne said...

All I can say is WOW!! That is absolutely beautiful! And it not only looks amazing, but you have put so much heart and soul into it - again WOW! I'm sure Jenny will be touched to receive it.

Vallen said...

She is going to be thrilled!You have outdone yourself!!

Contessa Kris said...

This is beautiful! I love all the different fabrics you used as well as the unique trick of putting an ATC on the front! Anyone would love this as a gift!