Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

This is what I want to be doing on Sunday morning. Is this not absolutely stunning. Image from Dover in this weeks free samples of copyright free art. Feel free to click and print this image for your use.
Another image from the same sampler. I can see this inspiring some kind of artwork for me. Mirror mirror on the wall kind of thing.

I hope all of you moms have a great day on Sunday. If you have a mom/grandmother, give her my well wishes. If you have lost that special someone, I lift you up with my prayers.

Other random Friday thoughts/blessings

Amy Elise has sent me a package. Thank you my sweet CIP friend. I will open it on Sunday as I am leaving from work to go out of town today. I cannot wait to see it.

Is anyone still out there? It has been strangely quiet in the blogosphere. Both posts and comments.

Odd gifts abound at my house. For Christmas I got plywood. For Valentines - it was insulation. Mother's Day - New tires for the car. All very neeeded and welcomed as gifts. Thank you my crew for understanding that. I love being your mommy, Molly and Abby.

I can read and write. I was up late last night reading a book my mom sent home with me. She tried to warn me to be careful about what time of day I started it. She thought it was one of those that can draw you in and keep you. She was right - I read until 2am. I would have LOTS more disposable income if she had not sent me to school and allowed me to learn to read.

I am also easily amused and I live in redneck rural north ga. Yesterday on the way to work I followed a beat-up older pickup truck that the owner is trying to sell. How do I know this? - The sign across the back window - written in window chalk - in big letters = FOR CELL. ( I wonder if text messaging is unlimited) You cannot make up stuff that funny.

I do hope that I will have time to accomplish some creating this weekend. I will have some evening time and maybe that will occur. Until monday.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Roxanne said...

I love the Dover Sampler too!! Always a fun thing to see in my e-mail on Fridays. Happy Mother's Day to you too!! Enjoy your weekend!

tongue in cheek said...

Hello!!! How are you? I have been posting, but also out on the road alot. I am trying to catch up with everyone..As always your blog delights. For Cell! I could have been the one in the pick up truck ;)I grew up in the sticks and my first car was a beat up old pick up truck!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love the FOR CELL story! I'm happy to hear you received your package! Have fun!

OldBagNewTricks said...

Happy Mother's Day to you. I live in redneck southern Ohio -- you are right, you can't make up stuff this funny. But, yikes, they breed and they vote. LOL


Janet said...

I love the Dover samplers, too. In fact, I have way too many of them saved on my computer!!

I have been pretty scarce around blogland recently as we have our house for sale....or should I say FOR CELL!!!!