Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day ....

So I chose to make macro photos of some of the plants in my yard. I have a black thumb - absolutely nothing that needs caring for will live for very long. My Mom even comes over to water the snake plant beside the kitchen sink. These plants are all thriving - even survived the drought of last summer. No attention required. Take a look.

A stunning, deep, ruby red, Japanese Maple. Abby helped me plant this, then carried water to it for the first two years. It is still small - about waist high on me - and very slow growing. the color is so pretty though.

Side trip - I announced that Miss Molly will be graduating with honors - well Miss Abby got her class ranking. Seems Miss A is ranked number one in the freshman class. The competition between the sisters is now "ON. " I am so proud of both the girls. Being well rounded is paramount to success and they both are just that.

Girls - you can do anything you set your mind to. Keep reaching for success in all areas. When you do fall short - and you will - pick yourself up - dust off - learn the lesson - and start again. Dad and I will be here - cheering you on from the sidelines. Love you.

Rosemary blooms. Okay - plant it. It is hardy, shrub sized, evergreen, vigorously growning. I planted a tiny sprig - given to me by a friend - in the bed by the kitchen porch. That sprig is now a huge bush. I will eventually divide this to use as shrubs at the base of the house all around. I use it for cooking, arrangements, and it smells wonderful when you brush by it.

A big Azalea, rooted from a plant in Mama Norvan's yard or at my inlaws. This thing is covered this year. Again - hardy and easy - survived the drought beautifully. I would love to have a bunch of these all over the yard- maybe back in the tree line - the ones at Augusta National sure are pretty in those mass plantings.

JenB - another post for you and MaryAnn. My submission piece. All packed and ready to go. Kind of ironic that I am mailing my "go green" challenge art quilt on Earth Day 2008. We will know in September. These two lovelies have encouraged me over and over to submit some things. Thanks for those emails and the swift kicks in the butt to just do it. Love you both.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


Vallen said...

Those Japanese maples are sneaky. They pretend to grow very slowly and then one autumn you'll look over and they will be towering above you. Good for you for submitting your work. JEn and Mary ANn are two wonderful supportive friends.

Elizabeth Prata said...

congratulations on sending your quilt off. I'm proud of you! That was a big deal.

The rosemary and azalea are beautiful. I didn't know rosemary grew so fast! The maple sure is a gorgeous color. One thing I appreciate about living here is the birdsong. It's loud, continuous, and lovely. Many birds singing all day long. How wonderful!