Friday, April 11, 2008

Scenes from a slow moving train.

Not even. Life is speeding by. Today is one of those days, you know the kind that everyone is irritable and everything you touch explodes in your face. We (work) dropped the ball on some orders - they got shuffled under in purchasing - and now people are screaming for materials that are not here. I did however find these bright spots in a folder on my computer.

Above - the faded pink of an old caboose.

A twelve month quilt in a shop window. Was this an HGTV pattern???

I think this was called string spider webs on the little card laying in front of it. I like the random fabrics and the fact that they really don't line up at all.

I love the way the older areas of town have these identifying tiles in the doorways of the storefronts. This blue and cream was one of my favorites.

These were snapped on a walking tour of a small town near us. Not sure if it was Hartwell or Lavonia, Georgia or maybe even a combination.

I need one of these mental health breaks again. Just to walk and look for details to photograph.


Have a great weekend.

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