Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ramdom babbling....

Good Tuesday morning all. The school year is winding down. One more soccer game Wednesday night. No more volleyball. One more -surprising - college visit. Converse College has decided that they need Miss Molly as their middle hitter on the volleyball team. We make that surprising trip this weekend. Now we are scurrying around getting things together for NCAA rules. And we thought we were done.

Am I the only one who has problems getting pictures in order on blogger? When these show up in the little "DONE" box they are right. Oh well.

I found an old brass cigarette case in a box at the thrift store. It was nasty, grungy, oxidized and pretty gross. I brought it home anyway. I am familiar with the wonderful product called Brasso and this was one of those things that would respond well to it.

You can see what I am using it for. The front of it (maybe the back) is labelled BRASS No9 and across the bottom it is labelled CHAS T KENNEDY / KOREA. I was pretty happy to pay a quarter for it. You can't even buy a cheap vinyl card folder for that.

My macro shot of the sweetgum blooms. This tree sprouted years ago between two of my barns. It is now a full sized tree. We take the prickly balls in the fall and use them in centerpieces and garlands. I had never noticed the little buds in the spring. But as I started looking at things in that macro mode that is being featured here in blogworld - I found these. Looks almost like broccoli to me.

I also ordered some blogcards for MaggieGraceCreates. There will be moo cards soon, but these will suffice for now. I cannot decide which of my flickr images I want to use. As I tell people about MaggieGrace world, I can hand them a reminder of the web address. Since I often discuss blogging with total strangers, I have only my name and web information and email on the cards. I fold a strip of stickers with the full information on them so I can stick it on the back as needed.

I could not post a photo of the disaster zone I created last night. I am now sorting boxes (and boxes and bags and on and on) of stuff and labelling containers for the studio. Last night I attacked something that won't even be kept at my house. I am sorting Sunday School stickers saved for many years. We reuse these in the nursery and for crafty projects. They were in a huge, jumbled, box. I am sorting them by image type and boxing them up. I'll store them at the church in the resource room. There is also a box of "stuff" that I absolutely know I will never use. This will be leaving my house as quickly as that box is full. Sorting and organizing is grueling work and danm if it don't make a bigger mess than I started with. No wonder I put this off for so long. Come on cheerleaders - keep me motivated.

Have a wonderful day all of you. It sure looks like spring outside - but its COLD here.

eta - what do you think about the changes on the blog. easier or more difficult to read, etc?

Also Raesha is hosting a swap. Ribbons ladies --- ribbons. Drop over and sign up.


ellen said...

You are not alone with the picture posting problems. I almost always have troubles and even have great difficulty putting up text between pictures. I am such a dunce when it comes to anything related to computers and have to muddle through by trial and error...lots of errors.
I'm cheering you on here with your organizing and clean up. My sewing/craft room is a disaster and has been for weeks. I walk in, throw up my hands and back out. You've given me courage and inspiration!
Have a wonderful week..and weekend visit.

Roxanne said...

I like the orange! It reminds me of terra cotta pots!

You should be able to just click on your pictures (and hold it down) and drag the pictures around. It's a little tricky, but it should work!

Carrie said...

I like the orange too! It looks good with your blue header background.