Monday, April 14, 2008

The Good the Bad and the Ugly...

Fun stuff. Look closely too. There is a sneak in of an art quilt here.

THE GOOD -------

Leigh Anne is our very pretty and talented young choir director at church. She has an in charge demeanor that prevents the older ones from running over her. She asked me to make her a sign for the choir room bulletin board. Here is the result - thanks to Vallen, I had an oversized hymnal. I selected an appropriate song and adhered it to a piece of scrapbook paper and card stock. I had absolutely no pattern for an oval in the size I needed and the printer was out of ink. I am a creator and the sign had to be oval - designers mental block - so what to do. Trace an oven dish of course. Glue it all together and add sizzix die cut letters and music notes.

(question designed to garner comments here) WHAT IS THE STRANGEST THING YOU HAVE EVER TRACED TO MAKE A PATTERN????

Now I had the sizzix out. I had the alphabet dies out. I had the shoe box full of small paper scraps out. Crafting overachiever syndrome sets in. (any body else suffer from this disorder) I spent hours late Friday night happily die cutting letters for a bulletin board kit. 10 of each letter and then a few of the negatives - a few muscial notes and their negatives - packaged in individual sleeves (told you I was "sick"). All prettily packaged in a favor box. - decorated - of course. I used up some scrap and now Miss Leigh Anne can add to her bulletin board as she likes. This could just as esily been a scrap book kit or teacher kit. And I had a blast. I bought not one thing. Love this using what I had lifestyle.

Ready for THE BAD -------

I have these horrendous brain malfunctions at times. I have two children and a side effect of getting pregnant is that brain cells decide immediately that playing in the womb with a baby is much more fun than staying and completing their job. The problem is that you never get those brain cells back - my girls are teens - I am not sure those brain cells stayed with them either. (Mommies you know what I mean)

On Saturday - I took the film card to WalMart to make prints and copy to a CD. I did not scan through and select individual prints - just hit the select all button. As the prints come out in the tray, I gather them up and flip through them.

This picture is one of them......

I am standing in WalMart on a Saturday - lots of people around and I get this look on my face as I try to determine who this is. It is not the man at my address. I am looking at the print - staring - trying to determine if this print was left in the tray or what and the little girl behind the counter asks what is wrong.

I say back to her - "there is a strange man sleeping in my camera" - it was one of those stupidly funny offhand comments that sends everyone around you into giggles.

Turns out upon closer inpection this is one of the volleyball players' Dad and the girls had the camera and snapped this shot of their favorite chaperone. I gave the print to his daugher and informed him that we discovered why he is not a very reliable chaperone.

now for THE UGLY.......

Athletic girls + aggressive play = nameable bruises.

This thing is one of the nastiest we have brought home. Molly's right knee. This was early in the weekend. The bruise is now all the way around her leg. UGLY.
Have a great week. We only have one ballgame this week. MaggieGrace world will get some attention - happy dance occuring.


Vallen said...

Finding that photo would have freaked me ut since he looks dead. Then I would have written the murder mystery that will whisk me to fame and fortune. Phew, I'm glad it was your camera. I don;t have time to be rich and famous right now.

Roxanne said...

Eek! Vallen's right - he totally looks dead!! I trace stuff all the time - usually because I am too lazy to really find what I am looking for! Not real exciting stuff though. Spools of thread and pop cans are probably the most popular.

I AM VERY MARY said...

Please tell Molly that I would like her to name her bruise Mr. Deep Purple, in honor of the classic 70's rock group that speaks to my soul with its bad ballads.

M.KATE said...

had fun reading this post, esp on the sleeping man!!