Friday, April 04, 2008

Pondering the end of the internet......

So as embarassing as this is - I am a slacker. I took my camera to dinner. The intention was to get at least one photo of Carrie and myself, but we got lost in conversation and I completely forgot. I have often wondered what blogging friend might talk about in person. Would it be awkward - very much like a job interview - or would you fall right in step with one another. Well last night we fell right into step.
Warm and friendly - she is. Engaging, witty, smart - got that covered too. AND she is just beautiful - curly red hair - winning smile. I am looking forward to our next time together already. I like her a lot.
Just because I have always been curious I am going to tease you with some of the snippets from last night.
"Tequila causes babies"
"I am well paid to look for the end of the internet"
"I have to be really drunk to sing."
"My husband gets it."
"I would cry if my husband did that."
"This hug is from MaryAnn."
"Costume design"
"Renaissance Festival"
"Painting the inside of a cabinet in the studio."
"are you sure its a girl?" --her husband was worried
"you could be meeting an axe murderer." -- mine was too
God I had a great time. We are at different places in our life. They are still newlyweds. We are on the other end of the teenage children years. Creative pursuits tie us together. Blogging has been a wonderful thing in both lives. I am so glad I took the time to drive out and have dinner. It was something I did just for me.
There were gifts - seems to be some unwritten tradition. I got an apron and the vintage goodnes in the photo above. There was other stuff too. I planned a goodie made from this vintage lace and those mother of pearl buttons (they were from her Grandmother) - Something I have made of paper before but am going to attempt in fabric - we will see.
I lay awake last and pondered for a long time. I have met friends from all over the place, but with blogging, that circle has grown to include so many more. Diversity reigns in this medium. We are united by our love of arts and handcrafts. I am inspired every day by new photos and work. I have stretched my writing ability. I have stretched my creative ability and technique. I have grown personally, creatively, professionally. The people I meet here are just as much my friends as those I have dinner with on Wednesday nights at church. Thank you all for becoming a part of my life.
Thank you Carrie for allowing me to enter your life. To new friends and getting to know each other even better. To growing as women, artists, mothers (hope), and friends. I enjoyed last night so much. Lets do that again really soon.
Have a wonderful day ---- Teresa


Darlene said...

What a perfect evening...the conversation snippits were so funny.

i heart blogging

btw-your tags are fabulous and I think the orange walls would be fantastic (in your house ;)

have a great weekend teresa :)
do dome dancing xo d

carolyn said...

sounds like a fun evening!

I AM VERY MARY said...

I'm so glad that my long-distance hug made it! That Carrie - she's a cracker jack!

Arlette said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful post. Sounds like you two are growing a wonderul friendship.