Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mo randomness

I did something last night - that I hardly ever do. NOTHING ------

After a visit with my Mom and a quick run through the grocery store. I came home and sat in my recliner and just looked through old magazines. (Sent home from Mom's) While I did not tear sheets - yet - I did take a few notes about some things.

I also snapped some more macro shots - this is fun.

Wooden spools of thread - isn't that yellow glowing gorgeous. I have empty spools and some with little bits on them and full spools. I have picked them up here and there. Love them all.

Sorry about the reflection on this. When my Nanny died, my baby sis confiscated the jewelry box. That year for Christmas we each got a shadowbox with a couple of coordinated pieces mounted. All costume pieces - more than likely bought at Wilsons 5 & 10 in town. These "pearls" are a lovely soft blue and the brooch is pale blue stones. This is one of my favorite gifts ever. Yes - a sentimental sucker am I. It does not take expensive gifts for me to be happy.

Now - this photo is just for Roxanne. She is making some wonderful paper scrap cards. I keep the scraps of all my papers. If you can punch a 1/4 inch heart or teardrop from it, it stays in this box. I have also made letters with the sizzix dies as well. Notice how those "Shadows" even get kept. (Sick) I have also trimmed the sample photos that are across the labels on scrapbook papers and used those images. (See the bottom edge of the photo)

Today - I am holding prayer meeting over myself. Fear is close to the surface. Uncertainty. Guilt. I need to choose to be happy with what I have and not focus on what I am missing. This does not happen to me all that often and when it does, I am quick to recognize it and work on it. I am normally upbeat and quite happy. We are so very very blessed and I am thankful for that. I just thought I (we) would be financially in a better place than I am (we are) right now and I am feeling a little stressed. The increased gas + grocery + college + athletic travel + senior expenses + prom + _____ + _____ are all straining the budget and that is uncomfortable. I know this happens for everyone and that we are in better shape than many (all of the cars are paid for and we both have secure jobs) , but the little luxuries I have known are few and far between right now.

Okay - pity party over. Whining will cease.

I'll have a better focus now. Have a wonderful day all of you.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Adding up all the college expenses can definitely create anxiety.

see you there! said...

Financial times are strained for so many right now. Lets hope things start to turn around in the near future.


Elizabeth Prata said...

I'm so glad you did nothing! It is so necessary now and then.

I'm also glad you have a good job and paid for cars and things. I know what you mean. I went to the grocery store yesterday, hungry for protein. I haven't bought any for a while, not trusting mercury filled fish or drug injected chickens. (I'm a red meat vegetarian). I've been living on eggs, peanut butter and tofu.

But my body craved more so off I went, not sure what I would find in terms of prices.

Celery was $3.18. Not celery hearts. Nor organic celery. Not gold-tipped treasure celery. Regular celery! Anyway, I bought a rotisserie chicken, veggie burgers, and more tofu. A couple of veggies and a bunch of bananas. $17.34.

But I had tears in my eyes for large families. How do they do it? Increasingly, they don't. These end times are worrisome for us all.

Roxanne said...

Love the scrap box!! Thanks for sharing that! :)

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a do-nothing quiet time. Maybe look at pictures in a magazine, read, close your eyes to imagine a nice vacation place, listen to favorite music,meditate or do anything that pleases one. Keep searching for these special times. God bless you & your household. Love & Prayers, AA.

amy said...

sounds like a great night...gosh, thinking ahead at all those expenses makes me nervous. just try to take a deep breath, you will get through this. xo, amy