Monday, April 28, 2008

It's how we roll.....

Volleyball season is over. Softball is now in full swing (pun intended). The two sports overlap early in the season, so I haven't watched too much of the softball princess stuff. Saturday morning - at a reasonable hour, I would like to say - we were at the fields in Jefferson, GA. This is like playing at home since it is only about 40 minutes from the house. We played 4 games and went undefeated to win the tournament. Squeaked out that last one in a come from behind win with no time left on the clock and us having our last at bat.

MaggieGrace has been full of the graduating senior - situational I promise. Now you guys have to endure the softball princess and her friends for a while. I did get several rows completed on the dorm room afghan during the day.

These girls (front row left to right - peanut - cort - and abby) are just hanging out after those games in this one. Cort is in her sling, but she was our "base badit" all day.

Proud mama note - these two are friends and are also sharing the same academnic success Abby's big sis. Abby is ranked #1 and Cort#2 in the freshman class.

All lined up for the trophy awards. I cannot say enough about how genuinely nice these ladies are. Competitive - you can't get any more so - but these girls are nice and respectful and polite to everyone they encounter. This is a close knit group and they have a great time together. It helps when we win for there to be more fun and games. The parents also enjoy each others company - a good thing because we spend an enormous amount of time together.

We left at 7:30 Saturday morning and got home at midnight Saturday night. The reason Mount Laundry is so massive. Supporting my kids is so much more important than the housework.

I really want to thank Ann-Margret for her package of goodies. She arranged a private color swap with me. I chose red and white as my colors. I have mailed her package and sadly - I had a brain freeze. I did not take pictures. The rose above is one of my favorites in the package. I have it pinned to the red and white bag she sent. The bag holds my Wednesday night materials for church. The tiny little one inch boxes are my absolute favorite things in the package. There is a Godiva chocolate box full of them.
There is also a dry erase marker - I have just purchased the marker board to use as the backsplash area behnd the cabinet - serendipity there. This was a fun package to receive. I hope she enjoys her package as much as I have this one.

There was also a surprise from the crafty queen of Ohio as well. Ribbon. in a wooden crate. These are a few of my favorite things. Thank you my sweet friend.

Funny stories - Karen over at Junking in Georgia has posted about her NASCAR experience in lower Alabama this weekend. Redneck sports. Well we had a big break and we were close to Commerce, GA on Saturday. The graduating Senior needed prom shoes - which we bought without her there - I like to live dangerously. After some shopping at the outlets, we needed lunch. Arby's won the vote - we go in, place the order, and I take off to the restroom. Bear with me - this is not a TMI post. As I enter the restroom, I see a lady there with teeth in hand (washing them in the bathroom sink) yes teeth in hand. Now there is a Jeff Foxworthy moment - you might be a redneck if "you have ever cleaned your dentures in a public restroom".

Hope ya'll have a great Monday.


see you there! said...

What a full weekend, sports, shopping and goodies in the mail. I was feeling all green and envious until you got to the "denture" part, LOL!


I AM VERY MARY said...

That is a hilarious story! And I'm loving the red & white swap! Glad your ribbon arrived safe & sound;)
Love you!

Ms Dragonfly said...

that's so wonderful about the girls! i love volley ball! miss it :(

Vallen said...

I love that velvet rose.
You do lead a charmed life my friend - I mean not all of us are privy to such "down home" sights as denture cleaning in public.

Karen at Junking in Georgia said...

please no not washing dentures in a public restroom .. poor thing... did you get to wash your hands? when is the graduation?.. just go and cry and celebrate it will be wonderful.. and good luck with the softball.. keeping teenagers busy and engaged in something positive is so important ... if she will allow it please post a few prom pics thanks for mentioning Junking in Georgia

Anonymous said...

Congrates to Abby and the team for winning the tournament last weekend. Also, Abby we're happy to hear you are #1 in your class!! We love you much."G"Daddy & "G"Mother.