Thursday, April 03, 2008

Random Blurbs....

Come's only natural. This is the signature bit on every email Carrie sends. How much fun does this lady sound? I am meeting her for dinner tonight. Then maybe a tidbit of bead shopping - just cause. I am so excited and slightly nervous. Kind of like a blind date only with out worrying about the good night kiss. I got my camera ready to go. Updates tomorrow.

Now the monsters have had the camera for two days. I really love for that to happen. I find the coolest stuff afterwards on the card. Maybe I should explain the word monster. Neither of my girls were ever afraid of the dark. Monsters were light hearted things for us. When they were toddlers we use to play monster under the bed - their version of hide and seek - and we all called each other by the appropriate monster name. (I am the mommy monster and I would count and yell mommy monster is looking for her babies) The monster moniker has kind of stuck. It is an affectionate title for all parties concerned.

Now for the random and fun shots.

Abby being super surprised - see that orange flower peeking from behind her neck - that is color she wants her NEW bedroom walls.

Jen - another shoe shot just for you from Molly. Converse cons black high tops. Old school basketball shoes.

The next few are my pictures.

I've been making tags. I owe someone a set for guessing about some leg warmers - I haven't forgotten - all that college stuff just absolutely took over our lives. Stash busting.....

This is the current state of the afghan I am making in a twin size for someones dorm room bed. Now don't get too awful excited. I had to buy yarn - cheap yarn - but still purchased. I just am not attracted enough to bright colors to have enough for the blanket in my stash. I think I spent like twelve dollars. We bought it at WalMart in Asheville and the stories of mom getting lost on that trip are worth the souvenier expenditure.

An origami crane - these things facinate me. They have for a long time. Abby has learned to make them and makes them all the time. I will have a mobile of them in my studio and I have been using them as gift ties and RAK leave behinds. These are scrapbook paper but she will make them from any paper I hand her.

I painted the inside bottom shelf of a LOOOONNNNGGGG (seemed to get longer by the second) kitchen base cabinet in the studio last night. Lying on my side in the construction dust reaching into the back of that cabinet was more workout than I have had in a while. The inside is plain flat white - the paint I have set aside for the outside of this cabinet is almost the same color as one of those stripes on the crane.

Til Tomorrow ya'll --- have a great day.

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ellen said...

Both of your daughters are so beautiful. Such special young women. I love this picture. You all have such a special relationship!
Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. It's true, that Marylou left a hysterical note! I can get her back, though.
Take care. Enjoy the lovely spring and the fact that your long awaited studio is almost there. Hurray!