Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Seeing red ....

Today is kind of a celebration day for a friend. A beginning in the middle. A beginning that really started well before it happened. Started with a handshake and smile - was tested and tried over and over - a support and encouragement network. A friendship forged. One day this friend stepped out and took a chance and received one word in return. Throwing caution to the wind - risking dashed hopes and dreams - the one word uttered in response was the word MUTUAL.

I happened to remember the date all of this occurred. This story has been told over and over. We laugh about it. Make jokes about it. Utilize the word in situations that bring about roaring laughter. Often causing people to stare. One of those inside jokes shared by friends. Anyway - today is the date and I decided last night to make a card commemorating the event and the word. Said friend will think this appropriate and FUNNY.

By the way - the risk taken paid off and gave this the story that it has become.

Made from bits and bobs I had lying around the studio. Thanks ladies for including fun stuff in my packages - I keep it and sort it and poke through it and USE it. You are the bestest. The inside of this card tells more of the story and I am keeping that private. Friendly inside jokes really have to stay inside - sorry.

Now for the title of the post. All of the macro photos floating around the blogosphere intrigue me so much. I pulled out the manual for my new camera and figured out my macro settings. Don't laugh - it took 12 frames to get this image that I like.

I am not a photographer. Do not have any aspirations of becoming one. My snapshots are designed to tell the stories of our lives and my art as they are unfolding. If I need a professional photo - I beg a friend to do it. Jennie is a photographer.

Anyway - a beautiful image - to me - of the paint on my old Singer machine. This sits way back in the corner of the dining room right now, but will be more prominantly displayed after I move the stash to the studio.

Look at the colors - gold, red, green. Love this -

Update - the magazine submission art quilt will be finished tonight. I will cut it down to size later today and having re-read the article accompanying the challenge, I will not be using a conventional binding on this. The piece has been aproved by the teenage art critics in my house, so I do feel optimistic about sending it off. It looks like I want it to. It looks like the sketch. I made some mistakes. The construction techniques were a little unconventional. I learned a lot. There will be more of these. Already an idea is percolating. I have so many ideas and not near enough dang time. Request to the universe - need more hours in my days.

Have a great Tuesday.

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Darlene said...

I love laughing with girlfriends...it's the best!

Great card...and your photography is just fine.

warm hugs,
xox d