Friday, April 25, 2008

Goodies ....

Another beautiful day. It is Friday -- doing the happy dance. I need to do a tiny bit of housekeeping / updating the cast of characters here. Normally I delete anonymous comments - most are ugly anyway. I also delete duplicates. And uglies (so don't waste your time leaving those). I read all the comments here and quite often on other blogs. It is amazing to me the insight and inspirations from those too. I have also discovered some wonderful people just by following comment links. You will alway see one anonymous commentor left though. My wonderful MIL - Ann and FIL - Herbert, they are anonymous but always sign their comments. Thank you for reading here. (Ann - it is so easy to set up a blog and the family stories would be wonderful reading for us - as would posting the pictures. Think about it, please).

Also - thanks to everyone who commented about the yoyo quilt. I have it hanging on the wall in my hallway. The one thing the textile folks at UGA said was that prolonged exposure to sunlight could damage it even more. My hallway has no windows and we rarely open the door to the outside, so this is the safest place to display it. I think in those evenings next fall, when I am really missing Molly, I'll start the repairs to this.

Now for the goodies.......

Along with that quilt, there are many, many other things in my house that came from Charles' and my family. There are also goodies that just caught my eye in a junk, antique, or thrift store. Here we go.

I found a stack of cards in Mama Norvan's stuff. This is a get well card for a child, but all of us adult paper whores (you know who you are) will love it anyway.

Look at the one on the left below - reminds me of all the Marie Antoinette items out there in blogland. Oh--- and are those soldiers adorable or what.

I had a little dutch girl doll when I was small and the ballerina looks like the ones in a little girls jewlry box.

I have scanned this sign in the past and used it on cards and tags. I could also see this printed and cut out and used as a little girls tree garland. Or blow these doll pictures up and cut them out for a a baby shower tree. Then add childhood dolls as the rest of the centerpiece. Ideas.

Raesha - would this count as ribbon? Hope so. I added a yard of this to each of my ribbon bags for your swap. It is actually sheer dotted swiss sashing. It came from a thrift store (this big roll for 50 cents) , but my Mom worked in a sewing plant and said they used this type of cut material for the belt and sashes of dresses. Pre cut to width and they only had to hem the edges.

Both of these images are yours for the taking. From the front of an old photo album. To me the girls looks like she is mourning.

The next one is a macro shot from - I love that setting on my camera. I am going to play with this image on and see what happens. Since I committed to create some art for the fall, I want to try printing this on fabric and see what happens. Maybe try some transparency sheet transfers as well.

She looks so sad.

I am not even sad today. It's Friday - Miss abby plays ball close to home tomorrow. Molly will be picking up the prom dress today. We get to find a bag and shoes and jewelry tomorrow. Decorate for a womanless beauty pagent on Sunday.

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend.


I AM VERY MARY said...

Yes indeedy, great finds!

ellen said...

A wonderful weekend to you as well!

Felicia said...

Love that doll shop!