Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Windows and Walls

I love to see them. You love to see them. I want to know. You do too. I own both books - Where Women Create and Organizing Your Craft Space. I just bought the Studios Magazine published by the creators of Cloth Paper Scissors and Quilting Arts. Now Somerset Publications is introducing the Where Women Create Magazine as an addition to an already addicting and broad spectrum of publications. This will be a special quarterly issue.

This is the thumbnail picture from the Postscript email this morning. A glimpse at the Sally Jean studio. I did not take this photo, although I would love to be a guest in the SallyJean space. Did you guys know she also has a blog. Yes, my friends, I'll be adding this to the list of regular reads. I do love to see where you work. The email includes submission information too. So all of you creative friends of mine, spiff up you places and submit.

The next pictures are older ones. From a Thanksgiving trip to Callaway Gradens in Pine Mountain, Georgia many years ago. Another blogger is featuring windows right now and I love the glimpses of the windows she is sharing with us.

The chapel archway. Overlooking the lake.

The random patterned stained glass window. I have had this in my inspiration book seems like forever. I first saw this window right after my dad died. My Aunt and Uncle included us on a trip to this area as a way to break us into traveling without daddy. I picked up a postcard of this window at that time and have kept it for all these years. The man at my address and I made the trip for the Masters Water Ski Tournament many years later and I picked up another postcard with the archway featured. Still got that one too. Maybe a collage quilt or canvas. I don't know.

I do know I would love to see some of you create something inspired by it as well. Calamity Kim's embellished textile collages or an apron. MaryAnn's card creations. Vallen's teapot cozys. How about a shoe from Nancy. Words and images from Darlene. A fluffy creature from Felicia. I could go on and on and on, but I think you get the idea.

Now if anyone sees this and wants to create something from them, I give you permission to download the chapel pictures as long as you leave a comment with your very first inspiration generated by it and your link information in the body of the comment.

Go ahead - you know you can make something pretty. I know you can too.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.....


Anonymous said...

Oooooooh, thanks for the info about "Where Women Create". How COOL! If I can get my act together, I'd love to send in my own submission. In any case, I look forward to the magazine. :)

Vallen said...

I think with my new-found skills I can take you up on this challenge. I'm itching to go.

calamitykim said...

I appreciate the link- I came by to say hi! I don't get to read Blogs as often as I would like- I need to sew and finish some stuff! But I sure do appreciate it when you come to visit me! My Mom & Dad live in Augusta and deal with the drama that the games bring each season! They said that the flowers are all so beautiful this year! wish I could have seen the azaleas and dogwoods! Have a happy day, sweetie! xxxooo calamity kim