Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday - I owe so back to work I go

So what's a girl to do when the gray hair is more than a little overwhelming. The hairdo is tired and simply parts in the middle and lays flat. Well she stops at the salon on Friday and talks the hairdresser into seeing her on Saturday for cut and color.

She was agreeable - the funniest part of the day was that the man at my address decides that we all need to spend this day together. He sat in a chair in the lobby of the salon from 12:20 through 3:30 while I get foiled and heat treated.

What do you guys thinks about this????

Way back in September, I posted this sneak idea for repurposing an ammo box for the studio. Well that baby is now hanging on the wall in MaggieGrace world. I tend to procrastinate when I am overwhelmed with something or can't figure it out. I couldn't decide where to hang this with the front as a flip down desk. The decopage pages wouldn't stay where I wanted. And on and on and on. Well Friday night - it all settled in my brain - I took the damn lid off and off we went.

I had this idea down perfectly. I save them - them being the corks from wine and tequila bottles. (note there is a big box somewhere that will surface when the big move in starts) Easy - drill holes in the box (aligned on the top and the bottom) - drill holes in the corks - use tiny spools to fill in the blanks. Cut lengths of wire coat hangers.
Line the box with scrapbook paper covered cardboard. (This was saved from my show booth at the beginning of March) I love the grunge look of these papers. And the new hair matches perfectly. A few of these were damaged in the salvage effort, but I just put them on the bottom and they will be out of sight when this box is fully filled.
I also had this gorgeous black lace ribbon that picked up on the colors of the paper perfectly. I hot glued it in place to cover the raw cardboard edges.

The wires slide right through the box and into the ribbon spools. The stoppers on the top keep them from going all the way through and the holes in the bottom hold the wire stable when I pull the ribbon on the spools.

Close up of the first few ribbons I grabbed. Best I can tell this should hold about 80 - 100 spools. Sad story - thats only about 1/2 of the stash. The work in my studio continues. Carrie said she keeps waiting for the pictures. Sorry - I am only going to post this way - little peeks - until it is finished.

I will say the work I am producing for the space makes me happy and I am so satified to be in there working. The art and craft that is occuring in my world right now is some of my best and I am at a productive high despite the life intrusions. (Did you guys see the Rebecca Sower article in the new somerset life? - That is a woman after my own heart) Thank you all for your votes of encouragement and support. They mean everything to me.

BTW - I do believe the words recycle and repurpose need to be a part of my artistic statement.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.


Elizabeth Prata said...

your hair is so pretty! It suits you. The color is great.

Thye box is adorable, and absolutely beautiful! I love your cretivity. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

The hair color and style are just perfect for you. Wish we could see in person. A & H>

M.KATE said...

hi hopped here from somewhere, i think the hair colour is just right and wonderful, nice blog :)

see you there! said...

Your hair looks terrific.

What a clever use of the ammo box. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.


Vallen said...

It's all so very wonderful; the hair, te ribbon box. Mouthwatering!!!

Carrie said...

I love the red hair! (of course!) The color looks great on you.

Anonymous said...
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