Thursday, June 14, 2007

As promised .......

I spent some time with my Mom last night. She wanted me to stay "just a few more minutes" several times. I can tell she is struggling with fear and depression. The medication she takes makes all food taste like cardboard so she really doen't want to eat. If she has even a tension headache, she gets convinced that she is having another stroke and since she lives by herself, she is convinced that she may lay there in the house sick or dead and nobody know. A tough night for both of us.

It was a good visit, don't misinterpret that first paragraph. We talked and laughed and since she was craving company, covered a lot of things.

She has been graphing quilt designs based on triangles and squares. Really pretty layouts. I snatched the one she just finished piecing and draped it over the love seat for these pictures.

Six pointed stars in various reds, pinks and burgundies. All exactly the same shape and size triangles. She squared off the edge after it was pieced and then added her side sashing.

This picture is my favorite fabric in the entire quilt. She has some left and I can have some of it for a scrap quilt in the future. The brownish background with all this pink goodness. She did remind me that I am supposed to quilt this for her. So this will be a winter project for me after the first of the year.

Since she knows I am on a stash diet for the summer, she has chosen to give me things. I needed the batting for the cowboy quilt and she has a huge roll of it. She gave me enough for the quilt and for the lining of the water bottle carrier. Should I feel guilty - not really - there is more of this batting there than she will ever use and we exchange this kind of thing all the time. She also bought me a quilt hoop at a yard sale. I use a small one for portable quilting, but this is a big oval one and will come in very handy when I work on bigger quilts. Her total expenditure - one whopping dollar.

I will say after my visit, I didn't sleep very well. Tossed and turned. Rolled and tumbled. Dreams. Nightmares. We did discuss the story behind MaggieGrace. So over and over I dreamed about losing a baby. Not a miscarriage, just losing a tiny little baby and running around freaked out and trying to find her. A troubled night. Dreams are so telling. So today I am tired.

Please lift a prayer for her as she fights through all of this. She is a fighter. We were warned about these effects of having a stroke, so it is not unexpected. It is still trying and emotional, for all of us.

It is still a good day. Hope you are having one too.


ellen said...

Thinking of you, family and your mother.

Vallen said...

The fear that is left after these bouts of illness seems to almost more debilitating. I hope I remember that when I reach that age. Wamr twishes and good thoughts sent out to you and your mom.

Roxanne said...

Your mom is lucky to have a daughter that cares so much and tries to understand her fears instead of just brushing them aside. My prayers go out for both of you. Take care!

Raesha D said...

I will keep you both in my prayers.