Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Warning - blatant child bragging follows

This is what we do. Play ball and play more ball. These are images from the tournament in Griffin from several weeks ago. Another parent emailed them to me this morning. Abby at center field. We have always refered to Molly as our tall skinny child, but Abbs is quickly catching up. A summer of workouts for multiple sports, weight lifting, tournaments has her looking incredibly toned and tanned.

I looked at her the other morning in a tank top and pj shorts and realized that I am no longer the mother of children - she has become a very pretty young lady. And I am old. Just how did all this happen? She starts high school this year.

She will be meeting on some Tuesday mornings with the book club for her fall class at school. She is also in the top percentage of her class and they have an advanced english assignment for the summer. My child - a book club meeting - such an adult sounding activity - and something I am having a hard time with this idea. 4 years and the baby girl will be going off to college.

Abby at the plate. She is a utility player. Can pretty well play anywhere on the field - except at pitcher. She is a smart player too - one of those who watches games on tv and analyzes plays to see what the appropriate action is.

Funny - all athlete - but proclaims orange as her power color and wants those toenails painted orange. Makeup off the field. Hair pulled up when needed and long and loose and stunning when dressed for non athletic activity. Not afraid of sweating, will belch and fart with the best of them, but puts that pretty sweet personality on just as easily. A chameleon of sorts. She is funny and sensitive and tough as nails but not hard. Reality - I often look at her and see a mirror image of me. Pride and fear run in my veins at that moment. I hope the hard-headed difficult parts of my personality are not as evident in her.

There is crafting going on this week - just of the group kind. 48 kids for Vacation Bible School and they are painting and gluing and having a blast. Did any of you go to VBS as a child? Do you have favorite memories of that time? Was there a favorite craft that you completed? Do you remember any traditional activities or crafts from you childhood?

I will be posting some pictures from VBS later in the week. Have a great day.

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Roxanne said...

Oh yeah - I totally remember VBS! It was the best!! I'm sure there were a ton of crafts, but I specifically remember making "stained glass" by melting crayon shavings between sheets of wax paper. Very fun stuff!!