Thursday, June 21, 2007

A peek into my world

No the hot air balloon does not always live there. I also did not realize just how bad this picture was. But it is incredibly telling of the day I had yesterday. Really crappy.
The balloon is a VBS craft sample for next week. Hanging from the light fixture to dry. We have a young Youth Minister, he purchased these through the website for the VBS literature. I struggled with this project and can tell you what disaster this one is going to be with a roomful of 3 year olds and up. Ditto the cute little wind chime. Who are these people who design kids crafts anyway? I am the crafts leader for VBS and last night I was timing and scheduling the week. Making lists and laying out supplies. I will set up the craft room on Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening. I will have my two favorite helpers from years past.
The paper balloon comes packed flat and you stretch it out just like those chinese lanterns. Stretch it too far and the paper tears. Not far enough and the thing wants to collapse. To paint it I stuck my hand into it and held it open. Thats tricky too, once you put paint on the paper it becomes fragile and I can already see fingers coming through. I may try to stuff them with some wadded up newpapers to hold them open. Ditto the windchimes - they are going to be a tangled mess before they get finished. Oh well.
Yesterday - the 16year old decided to try and see just where the line was. She has been toeing it fairly regularly. So last night we had a "come to Jesus" meeting and clearly defined expectations. This after a tough morning - last minute find a ride for Abby because it wasn't convenient for someone else - even though he said it would be no problem the evening before. Add in an MIA teenager who refused to answer her phone. A Dad who doesn't find out things like who you are going with - where you might be going - and how long you will be. Teenagers friend trying to petition for her at church and making things worse. Her wanting to halfway listen from across the room and me demanding that she pull up a chair and look at me while I am talking to her. Other early teen daughter told her friend that she was just taking notes because she is learning how to stay out of trouble. Punishment - no cell phone except to parents until Sunday. No - MySpace (or other internet activity until Sunday). No eat out after practice tonite. No date night on Friday or Saturday. Her life can resume normal on Sunday evening. She has also been warned that she will not sulk in her room, she will interact with the entire family in a respectful manner through out this process. I am at the top of her SH(*&list right now.
I say no to very little with her. And I tried to explain that her day would have been the same had she just called and let me know that her plans for the day were changing. She has a cell phone and she is to use it to communicate her whereabouts to me or her Dad. I have now offeredto make a sign for the dash of her car. The sign will say "IS THIS SOMETHING I SHOULD LET ME MOMMY KNOW????" I have also informed her that even if I am not there when she leaves, she and her Dad may have to fill out a questionaire of who,what, where, when, how. That I have to say was one of my better moments - I caused Abby to leave the room giggling. All told - I earned my latest teenage parenting stripe. And gave my Mom the opportunity to say "I told you so." Which she enjoyed tremendously.
If you study the picture (Again sorry about the quality) YOu will see the dining room - current work space. The cabinet on the left is full. The papaer storage spaces are full as is the cabinet they sit on. The armoir is full. The china cabinet needs to be where the cedar armoir is.
The cabinet on the left will stay in the house. Going to my bedroom for tshirts and socks etc. The small drawer cabinet and the paper rack will go to the studio. The armoir will be emptied into the studio and go in the hall for coats. I can hardly wait for all of this to come together.
I hope you all have a wonderful day. Hope mine is better than yesterday too.


see you there! said...

Ah the story of the life of a Mother of a Teen. So glad that's past for me. I have a GD who will be a teen before too long. I'm thinking it will be a lot more fun for me this time around.

Set rules, stick with your intuition, someday they come back and say "I don't know how you put up with me Mom".


Raesha D said...

Oh man!! Teenage girls you give you grey hair faster than anything else. I'm glad I've got 7 more years before my little girl hits her teenage years:) My wonderful little package of CIP goodies arrived today - I love it all!! I can't wait to email you my answers to the little questionnaire.

Sarah and Jack said...

I can't help much with the teenager issues, but I think the hot air balloons are quite cool!