Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Does this count against me????

I took two bags/boxes off stuff to the thrift store and the girl at the register yelled "Mrs. Atkinson - wait."
I wasn't thrifting - I was donating - but she hands me this box and said this is for you. I explained that I am on a use what I have - no money spending - moratorium. She then explained that this was left for me by a lady who reads MaggieGrace here in town and that she wanted me to have this box. Seam bindings and trims - etc.
Seems the nice girl who works the register was talking to this lady, mentioned that I am the one who tries to beat her to the really good craft stuff all the time, and then told the lady about my website. This lady bought a box full of trims and stuff. She only wanted to have two or three of the things in the box. She took out the things she wanted and left the rest for me. Now this is not like junk left over either. Its the kind of stuff I would buy.
So does it count against me in the use what I have challenge??? (I sure hope not) Should I count it as a Pay it Forward thing and do something for someone else?? (yes I will) Who is this anonymous lady who gifted me???
Thank you - thank you - thank you. And yes ma'am I will pass on the generosity in some way.


Anonymous said...

That's good karma! Use it and have a great time!

Raesha D said...

What a fantastic gift!!! I love that the thrift store employees know your name:):) I love the kindness of strangers, and I love knowing that you will pay it forward:)

Mary Ann said...

That is just so fabulous! You must've needed a dose of kindness - and the universe delivered! Enjoy it because it DOESN'T COUNT AT ALL!

see you there! said...

I agree with Mary Ann, it doesn't count if someone gives it to you. I'm trying to use what I have from my paper stash but if something new and free comes my way... well, it was meant to be.

I loved reading about all the crafting kids. I remember the days.


kristin said...

what a great story!! i just love that :)