Monday, June 18, 2007

checking it twice

If you are a regular reader and remember this post, I am not only using what I have, I have identified some things I need to concentrate on using.
Jump over to CIP and look how I used up some scrapbook papers. For the little gift enclosure cards. There will be some more of these. I am thinking I might sell some here. Email me directly if you are interested.
I also used some of that upholstry yarn on the zebra above. He is a fuzzy two ply white yarn. My fingers have been stuck. They are sore from pulling this through the fabric. reminder to Teresa - if you are going to use a thick yarn for embroidery, be sure you have a tapestry eye needle.
There was no painting done - turns out Abby had basketball games Friday evening AND all day Saturday. So I sat on the bleachers and worked on the zebra. I would struggle to thread a regular needle with this yarn then get excited watching the game and pull the darn thread out of that same needle. So much language was muttered under my breath.
There was a special story though. One of the mom's of a teammate of Abby's is a foster parent for a precious little girl. Her name was Neveah - heaven spelled backwards - and she sat with me most of the day. She's about 5 and very talkative. She would snuggle behind my left arm and lay her chin on my upper arm and watch me work. The conversation was gentle and comfortable and I was able to tell her the Noah's Ark story and the Christmas Story because of this quilt. She is in church now with her foster family, but never been exposed at all before this. (I thought that was a little strange considering her name.) But she is so excited knowing that she will see more of me through this year. I am excited about seeing her too. I have a few more things I want to share with her. It was special to me to have that small child snuggled up with me. My girls used to to that (still do occasionally) and I missed it without even knowing.
On Sunday - I taught Sunday School and then we went to see Charles Dad. Happy Fathers Day and Happy 52nd Anniversary to the two of them. The two of them are beautiful people and they worked hard to raise a family of 4 and are now enjoying the event of being retired together. Wonderful, special, encouraging, loving - there are so many more words to describe them. Love you both.
I also got the crown stiffend and it's drying. I sprinkled it with glitter on the stiffener so for the rest of this week I will be covered with glitter as I add the final flourishes to this. It is really cute and I will get to use some more things off that target list. I also package up the CIP elf mail packages and they will go to the po tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day.


Vallen said...

Glitter all around - ah the joys of crownmaking!!!

thevintageboquet said... enjoyed your bloggings.we are all surrounded by so many blessings,it's seeing/recognizing them that matters..Hope the family is well today..Deb