Monday, June 25, 2007

mosaic monday 6-25-2007

Good morning all. My mosaic from pictures on Flickr last week. I can spot an emotional attraction to everyone of them.

The first picture is stunning to me in one of those surreal ways. It looks like such a lonely and desolate location, and yet is one I think I would be attracted to. Uncomplicated, simple, no-frills - the kind of ideal that would lead to appreciation of every breath and every accomplishment. Is that what we are all seeking?

I am feeling hurried today. I have a ton to accomplish at work, Vacation Bible School is every night this week. We go from that to a ball tournament on Saturday. I feel pulled in so many directions. There are lists everywhere. Maybe that is why this and the second picture are so appealing. A coworkers husband passed away over the weekend. 38 years old - sudden cardiac arrest - leaving a bewildered wife and children.

This building site, providing shelter for the few birds who fly in it's upper window openings. The foam from the surf remaining on the sand. Knowing that the wave has but one job - to pound onto the shore. Would I become bored? Would I long for something else? What do I need?

I took some time on Saturday morning and talked to a friend. We sat and talked and laughed and relaxed. Something we haven't done in a while and something we both needed to do. We both have incredible demands put on us - work and personal - so it was a great break. Then some time with my Mom - she needs my attention too. In such a way that I feel the pressure to give it. She is struggling so bad. I think I might need to wiggle my toes in the sand and drink those little drinks with umbrellas in them. Away from the demands of my life.

I could pretend to be a mermaid and wear that mermaid crown. This is one from the Crown and tiara swap I am participating in. I cannot wait to see what my partner is sending me. She has not posted a sneak peek yet.

The last picture is just cute. I would love to snuggle up under a quilt and rest. Why not one that looks as cute as all this? It is a baby quilt, but I think it could be enlarged as a porch swing quilt. I'll be hanging onto this image for a while.

I will leave you with a quote that I saw in a medication ad this weekend. A new medication for breast cancer survivors. The ad features a middle aged woman siting on a shoreline. The ad line.

"Doctors removed my lump not my SPIRIT."

I love this tagline. I clipped it and added it to my inspiration notebook. I chose to live my life after diagnosis with this attitude and to try and help others find this in their life with or without cancer. We also had a speaker yesterday at church who was just as inspirational. John Ediger - paralyzed as a teenager in a football game - spoke to us about how today is as bad as it gets - each day we are closer to eternity.

Yes this week will be a challenge, from many angles, but this too shall pass and every new moment is just that - NEW - and that means a new opportunity to have a positive impact on someone.

Have a blessed and wonderful day.


see you there! said...

What a wonderful mermaid crown. I'm always attracted to the sea so your photo's were particularly enjoyable.

Hope the week allows you some spots to just sit and think.


Felicia said...

Yes, those pictures are amazing and thought provoking. Thanks so much for sharing them :)