Monday, June 04, 2007

Corners of my home

These hang in my bathroom. You know I collect CocaCola stuff and these are family pieces. The bottle shaped thermometer is from Mama Norvan's stuff. The glass thermometer is still intact which is a little unusual considering the condition of this piece. The round one hung in my Nanny's kitchen porch - I don't know why we called it a porch - it was an uninsulated utility room. The cover is broken, but to me that doesn't detract from the look at all. The girl on the round one is the same as is on the border at the top of these walls.

This room is fun in its paint colors. This chalky effect was tedious but amazingly simple. Then all the trim is a deep deep red in here. I wanted to get the effect of all that chalky look these old metal signs get after years of being outside. I really think this effect works and having all kinds of Coke stuff in here really adds to it.

How did I do this? Paint the walls that coke sign green - I have no idea what the color really is. Then using Laura Ashley whitewash finish, I used a thick round soft brush about 1 inch in diameter and randomly brushed the walls in a thin layer. Overlapping and changing directions often. Let me tell you - this bathroom grew when I started with that 1 inch brush. This has been there for several years and I still love it everytime I look at it.

I saw this technique in a showhouse over a dark blue paint on a ceiling, simulating the milky way in the night sky and then interpreted the technique myself. I think it gave me just the effect I wanted.

Comments about the weekend.

1. Be careful what you say around young people. My daughter was hurt by a comment made by another parent this weekend. The comment was not damaging in full context, but in hearing only part of it and misinterpreting, she was devastated. I have been the victim of such an instance and I still carry those scars today from something I misunderstood (probably) as a 15 year old.

2. Teenagers are not equipped for adult innuendo humour and I am a feriocious mother bear if my child is hurt by you, even if you are joking.

3. Ball field food and my new eating program are not a good mix. I will say that Hart County High School has addressed this in their football concession stand by offering apple slices as an option. But not the softball complex we were at this weekend. Glad I packed my cooler.

4. Rebecca - I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation Saturday night. God will show you why you went through the Cancer and recovery path you have trod. Keep being open to His use.

5. Forgiveness and acceptance is part of becoming "real". Learning those lessons is hard and practicing those two acts is even more difficult. Forgiving and accepting yourself may be the hardest of all. But - my precious baby girls - it is very important.

6. Guard your children and the input they are subjected to. Take parenting seriously. There is so much more to life than the score on a board and her batting and fielding average. (or whatever) The hard stuff happens around those activities. Give them a place to come. Give them security. Give them sound advice. DO NOT RUN FROM THE HARD STUFF. They need to always know that they are not alone. I know because I have handled way too much in my life ALONE.

7. God I hope I don't die first. My girls need me to hold hands and hearts through the hard stuff.

I know - random statements. They may need more expansion, maybe not. But putting them down allows me to get my arms and heart around some things. A quiet strength and sureness in my parenting is occurring. As I told Charles on Saturday night, I will fight to the death for their (the girls) emotional well being. It's too danged important long term. Demons can be created so easily and everyone needs a dragon slayer on their side. Both to teach skills and how to take care of yourself and to point out that you are on the right or wrong path.

Sorry - this got heavy this morning. I was just pondering some conversations and thoughts from this weekend and I have used this as a way to organize and categorize the thoughts. MaggieGrace goodies will be back.


Jean said...

Love the coke items! The paint treatment looks really awesome!

OldBagNewTricks said...

I love your family Coke pieces -- they look at home on that clever chalky wall (I bet that was tedious.) Being your girls "dragon slayer" gives them a solid roll model in standing up for their own convictions - you are a very wise mom -- and these teen years are tough!