Friday, June 22, 2007

Ninny Ninny Boo Boo

I got mine yesterday. Barnes and Noble ordered them for me and I picked them up. Me and a cup of peach iced tea drooled over all the stunning pictures. Now a confession - I bought the Mary Janes book because I love the linen and crochet scarf/wrap on the cover. That pattern is not in the book at all, so I was a tiny bit dissappointed. But if you are a MaryJane's Farm fan, then you will enjoy this book in its entirety. Pictures and stories throughout. With a great needle tatting primer -may have to try.

The Bend the Rules Book is directed at beginners, but I have been an AngryChicken fan since I first discovered blogs and therefore had to have it. I will be making some of these projects as well. I only looked through it, but Amy has a definite easy writing and instructing style that will make this a useful book as well. Nice eye candy too.

Having both books in my hand has energized and inspired again. (See fear in the OCD people at my house) Amy makes a confession of her storage tactics in the book with this quote...

"My house is filled with fabric. I wish I could tell you it is all folded neatly and color coordinated on shelves. Maybe someday it will be, but for now, when I need that special fabric, I dump out a bag (a huge garbage bag) and sit in the middle of the pile on the floor and look through it. I am literally sitting in huge piles of fabric several times a day. This horrifies my more organized sewing buddies. It's a sickness, I tell you, but a good one."

This my friend is a lady I could easily spend time with. Cause my stuff is stored in a very similar fashion.

I also have another funny story to share. Our house is old and we moved in with it needing a LOT of work. We have been working on it for many many years. We moved in on the 4th of July almost 15 years ago. Molly has an August birthday. So we hosted her birthday party at the house on the Saturday closest to her birthday. Early that morning Charles decided that we needed a new kitchen sink. I work in plumbing so this should be a no brainer. I run to the store and grab a sink and faucet, basket strainers, and various plumbing things that go under the sink. Home by around 8AM and the party is late that afternoon, so everything is okay. WEEELLLLL - not quite. He takes the old sink out and we discover at that moment that is was the sink itself that was holding the ENTIRE kitchen together. The countertops are rotted, the base of the cabinet is rotted - there is no turning back and 21 people are now on their way to my house for food and drinks. AND I HAVE NO KITCHEN - this was screamed in that slightly hysterical out of control what were you thinking tone of voice that every wife has used at sometime. The day ended with all those people laughing about it and me washing dishes on my hands and knees in the bathtub. Go figure.

Oh well - those are the stories that make up the glorious patchwork of life. The stories before that one and the ones since are all a part of who we are. As individuals and as a family.

I think my first project from these new books will be to dump out a box of fabric and just see what will work for the Sweet Wee Jacket in Amy's book. We'll see. I have so many other things going that I may have to do something different. I know I have a crown to complete tonite and then some other things to work on.

What are your weekend plans???

Have a great one.


Mary Ann said...

I pretended to clean my studio, but I mostly just looked through piles of my stuff:)

Felicia said...

Oh I want that new MaryJane book! Her other sits quite handy on the bedside table to flip through for inspiration :)