Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Random Ramblings

On Saturday we had a brief 45 minutes to spare in downtown Griffin. Abby was back at the field warming up, so Molly and I cruised through the Antique Mall. Miracle day - no money was spent. We did however laugh and giggle and generally draw attention to ourselves. Molly tried on every hat she saw. I snapped this in one booth and I think this may be one of my favorite pictures of her. The fun side of her personality shines in this one. I really hope that Abby and I will one day share this kind of thing.

I also snapped this picture and will put it in one of my inspiration books. Just so you know each of these squares is about 1-1/2 inches finished dimension and this quilt was double bed sized. All hand pieced and then simply tied. Also marked at a near fortune. I want to make one of these postage stamp quilts like the one Gina is making over at LaBelle . This also has inspired the final idea for my 2008 calendar. (see my CIP list) . I will be posting more of that later on CIP.

This bounty is reflective of the generosity of blogger buds. The big polkadots are from a drawing over at MaryAnns. All the rest of the goodness is from Vallen. Now I know a certain other lady wanted the polkadots, so I may have to send her a goodie in order to make up with her.

See that PopEye fabric up there. That will be part of the carrier too. The pocket for my money and keys. And the lining.

What the heck is this? Not a skirt. Not a doily. This is the only sneak peek you will all get of the beginning of my crown for the crown/tiara swap. I actually had this pattern (copied from some we had done years ago) of a halo for the angels in our Christmas program at church. I decided if I stiffen it standing up it will look like a crown base, then I can add the embellishments, beads, tulle, sparkly things, flowers etc. This is just hanging upside down over the basket that I keep fruit in. I will tie it off in the shape I need and then stiffen it with white glue type stiffener. What do you think about this ladies? Ideas for embellishing. Oh yes - I used what I had.

Those dogs go home tonight, so I can vacuum and clean up then get the quilt back out to finish the front. We don't have ball this weekend, there will be studio stuff going on.

I hope you all are having a great week. Have a wonderful day.


Roxanne said...

Oh my - that quilt is gorgeous!! Love the picture of your daughter :) Mary Ann felt bad for me and sent me some of the polkadot fabric too. Thanks for thinking of me though!! Can't wait to see your calendar idea!

Vallen said...

Having made a crown or two in my day, I can tell you that I think you have made a fabulous start on yours!!

tica said...

The colors and details of that quilt are lovely!
I love trying on hats, shopping isn't shopping unless you can laugh while trying on hats!

MaryAnn said...

What a fun post!