Tuesday, June 05, 2007

MaryAnn - no peeking or the surprise will be ruined

I do love challenges and one of my favorite ways to work is within some kind of restraint. MaryAnn issued a "Fabric Challenge" many months ago when she wanted to become more comfortable with her sewing machine. I jumped on it and sent her my fabric. She made me a wonderful apron and purse and other goodies.

The fabric she sent was this really adorable floral flannel. Really soft and sweet. I felt it and immediately thought pillowcase. But I couldn't just do a plain old pillowcase, so I cross stitched the sweet dreams and added it to the mix. The floss is a hand dyed varigated in soft blue, green and purple. I am loving these specialty flosses. The lace is from a box my sister brought me out of her Late MIL stuff.

There is a crochet bag lined with the only big piece left. I keep one of these in the car with "girl stuff" in it, but it is also a perfect size for diaper wipes or note cards and a pen. With the remaining scraps I added some other fabric to and made a soft ball. This was a paper pieced by hand project. There will be more. My Nanny used to make these for baby gifts and I thought they looked hard. They are not.

Still had a couple of decent sized pieces and being inspired by many French blogs, I made two dragonfly silhouettes. I love these and I will be using this image again.

By this point there really were only scraps left, so I made 4 golf tee pincushions. I saw something similar in a quilt shop. A really fun Ragged Roses inspired corsage and the collaged letters wall hanging. I used one of the shelves from the stamp shelf to make the wall hanging. It will hang and then there are hooks across the bottom.

This was fun and I look forward to doing more of this kind of challenge in the future. I do hope my wonderful friend enjoys this.

Hey - I also Used What I Had too. Remember I am in that mode for the entire summer as well. I even put a reminder about it across my header.

Told you MaggieGrace would be back to normal. Now I cannot wait to see who I get for the tiara/crown swap - I have some ideas but I will wait and get my profile question answers before I start. So tonight I will finish the embroidery for sister. Take a look at it over at www.christmasinprogress.blogspot.com

Have a wonderful day.


Roxanne said...

WOW!! All sorts of fun stuff! It's amazing how far one yard of fabric can go when you really try to use it all up!! I'm off to take pictures of some CIP WIP's that I will send to you ASAP!! :)

Raesha D said...

Oh she is going to love these goodies!! You were so creative with the fabric.