Monday, June 11, 2007


Loving this tassel this morning. Downloaded off one of those french blogs that I struggle to read.
edited to add this - I want to apologize for not noting it before. There is serious french inspiration here and I am thrilled to have found it. Thanks you for leaving this in the comments Tica . Et a part ca" is the name of the blog and the link to the photo is here:
I now wish I had made MaryAnn one of these for the "fabric challenge". May have to make one from some upholstry weight fabric and see if I like it.
I have pictures of my own to share, but I also have a teenager who felt it was her turn to take the camera today. (note to self - digital camera for birthdays for both girls)
I had a good weekend - Sat and embroidered on the Noah's Ark piece a large portion of Saturday. Those dogs we are sitting for have decided it's okay to crap in my floor - so that is a huge challenge. Woke up with the beginning of a migraine on Sunday so I babied myself. Clothes fit so much better, however the scale refuses to drop off any. That is my weekend in a nutshell.
Now a vent (rant) - Charles has high blood pressure that he takes medication for. He has decided - without the doctors input - on more than one occasion to "adjust" his medication schedule. In other words, some days he just don't take his medication. Then he will be dizzy and weird feeling and upon questioning I find out that he hasn't taken it. I think this is one of the most selfish things a person can do. He has children. He could do permanent damage to his body. This aggravates me to no end. My mother just had a stroke, I see that damage every time I visit her. His father has had bypass surgery in the past. Why does he do this? I asked Saturday if he had taken his medication and he had not, he just blew it off in front of others, who could not believe it either. So there now I have said it. If he could care less about his health, why should I?
So that's over. So far so good on using what I have. No purchases at all. I know it's early in the process, but it still feels great to see some finished things leaving my house and no money being spent. If anyone else is playing along, leave me a note here. It's always more fun if I know people are playing with me.
I LEAVE YOU WITH A LIST - things I would like to accomplish this week
1. finish the embroidery for Noah's ark
2. get a mailer done for CIP
3. finish piecing the front of the cowboy quilt.
Have a wonderful Monday.


Shay said...

link to the French blog, s'il te plait? Enquiring minds want to see more of that tassel!

Tica said...

"Et a part ca" is the name of the blog and the link to the photo is here:

Tica said...

I put the link to my comment up above, Et a part ca is a very creative and generous persopn. There is a large group who follow her blog and post their projects too. A very creative source of information!