Friday, June 15, 2007

A slow Friday Post and and Invitation

I received a call last night from my MIL. Her brother Ralph Simpson has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My BIL Max - blog in sidebar - has been undergoing treatment for some time now - CLL. We now know that his bone marrow transplant did not work. Please pray.

Seems bad news comes in clusters doesn't it.

In MaggieGrace world, I was up late after all that bad news. I finshed up all of my gift enclosure cards for the CIP group. Cruise over there for photos of the cards and a preview discussion idea for a 2008 calendar.

This weekend brings a relationship item I despise. I would rather confront a mad prize fighter in a dark alley than deal with this. I am not good at it. I dread it. I will make excuses in order to avoid dealing with it. But this must be attacked. Handled. Then I can move onto the next phase.

I will be dealing - not that man at my address ......... no not a teenager .........

A paint brush. I have set a goal to finish painting the INSIDE of the big cabinet in the studio. Mon Dieu - I hate to paint. Crafty painting is one thing, that's entirely different. I hate walls, floors, windows, ceilings - you know all those kinds of paint. But this must be done in order to see Mr Black Snake should he decide to return.

Anyway - come on over to CIP and see what I was up to last night.

Have a great weekend.


Vallen said...

I'd come and help but I don't go where snakes have been spotted. Sorry.

Felicia said...

I'm sending positive thoughts your way.