Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I got nothing for today

Well - nothing to show you from MaggieGrace anyway. I am working on the crown and the embroidery and the studio, but no new pictures.

However I cannot post without photos. These are all from the Southern Living website.

I'll explain as I go. I sell plumbing. Lera over at the THESKYISPINK has been the recipient of that plumbing expertise. On her blog the other day, she showed the broken tank from her house. She was a little freaked at having to replace the entire thing, but found out she did not. I am so glad I could help her.

Another side benefit to this job. I am exposed to some of the top interior design information around. I get to attend the largest show in the US for the kitchen and bath industry. I have met many of the designers in the business. Some names you will recognize. Christopher Lowell, Chris Madden, Kitty Bartholomew, Michael Graves.

The bedroom pictured above is from the 2004 Southern Living idea house in Athens, GA. I was part of the vendor team on this home and worked closely with the builder Charlotte Johnson. The home is beautiful and so many of the design and decor ideas are attainable for anyone. In the bedroom above, those stripes on the wall are simple grograin ribbon tacked up with decorative thumbtacks. She also used some postit double stick tape to keep it from gapping. Easy to do and simply elegant in its appeal.

Think how quickly you could customize your own tacks for this project.

I had forgotten about this room, in the same house, until this morning when I was looking through this house. This home had a mudroom/craftroom in the design. A trend I am noticing in more and more plans. Handcrafting items is more important. Gift presentation is as well and designers are devoting spaces for those creative endeavors.

A pegboard rack is one thing I am definitely going to have in the studio. Versatile by nature of the material, my plan includes two additions. I will paint mine with the magnetic paint materials and then with chalkboard paint as well. I saw a wall done with the magnetic stuff and then they used heavy duty magnets to hold trays against it. No holes in the trays. Decorative, and since I use metal trays as project "bins", very versatile for me.

This bathroom is off the bedroom shown above. The ribbons are more of the same as the wall stripes, but the detail I like the most is the mirror. This was an old silverplate tray. When the designer showed up with this, we laughed. The bottom of this was in horrible shape. She had the mirror cut to fit and used mirror mastic to mount it in the tray. It is hung from a heavy duty plate hanger. When I saw the finished item - I was amazed - true thinking outside the box.

This last one is my favorite. This was just a design idea and I have used one similar in a previous showroom. I used tissue paper and wallpaper paste for mine. This is wine labels. (Did you know that some wineries will sell you a pack of their labels. Saves that soaking them off step) Now here is my thinking outside the box approach to this.

In my new store, I did not want anything truly permanent glued to the walls. I am also the Christmas Program Director at my church and we have to change sets. We get these huge boxes with whirlpools and tubs in them. So, create this collage look on one of those huge, squared off pieces of cardboard and mount to the wall/ceiling with the Command adhesives that are removable. Inexpensive. ( for those who need to "find" boxes - most appliance stores will allow you to take theirs) If you need something a little more permanent or stable, use luan or thin plywood. I used thin plywood covered with anaglypta wall paper around the built in tubs in the showroom. Painted a dark red and screwed to the wall with drywall srews. All can came apart in about an hour and I can change out a tub easily. Think how this would work in a rental or dorm space.

What is my point in all of this? Look for inspiration. Looks for ways to duplicate the look to fit your needs. Take information and filter it. The blogging community is generous with their time, inspiration, and information. Almost everyone will share this kind of thing willingly. I appreciate every one of the blogging friends I have met here. I appreciate those people who have inspired me and encouraged me in real life.

So today - look for something - an idea you can adapt to your world. Something - an inspired quote that makes you really think. Something - a way to surprise a loved one. Take your clues from those around you and then use them in your way.

Have a wonderful day.


Vallen said...

I definitely need you living close by. I know nothing at all about this sort of stuff. My toilet's running and I am just freaking out.

Roxanne said...

Awesome ideas!! I am sitting here with my idea notebook scribbling away as I read your post! Love them all!

Felicia said...

Athens, Georgia is practically a hop skip and a jump from here. I enjoyed all these pictures :)