Friday, June 08, 2007

Strength and tenacity

Just for the record - there was not one tiny thing even attempted in MaggieGrace world last night. The girls had soccer practice together - this is new because Abby starts high school. Charles went for a haircut and to spend some time with his brother. So Mom had the rarest of evenings. Time fully alone in the house.
I ate a nice dinner. Drank a glass of wine. Read. No artificial sounds allowed in - no tv or radio. Did my nails. Sat in the porch swing. Took a hot bath. Spend a lazy relaxed evening in my own home. I did load the dishwasher and start it just as everyone came home and shattered the silence.
I do not desire that kind of time alone as a constant. But as a rare occurance - it is an incredible treat.
Another picture from "our house". I have no idea who propped this bed frame against a tree. But over many years, the tree has grown. In my way of thinking, the bed should have been pushed away as the tree grew. Instead, the flesh of the trunk has grown around and about the metal frames. The frame is now in the tree. This fascinates me.
I think of all the things in my way at times. Things I have pushed aside. I think of times when I have firmly kept myself in a situation only to become trapped by it all. Becoming comfortable (complacent) traps me. The tree had tenacity. despite the irritation of having this thing there, it continued to grow. It possessed the strength to continue. To work around the things in its way. Has it been affected, oh yes, the tree is decidedly different from others in the same species. but still incredibly beautiful. Ponder this for a while. Look at all the thoughts you can place on this scenario and tie back to a life lesson.
Patience does not come easily for me. But what is patience - except taking the time to allow myself and others to find their path. Strength is something I know I have. Tenacity another. I have been changed by the experiences in my life. So I think I am going to choose the option the tree chose. Work around, figure out a way, continue to grow. To add something positive to the world. How many choose to be set in their ways, stubborn, difficult, theirs is the only way, and the find themselves trapped, stuck, unable to grow or be useful lke the bed now fully trapped in the tree.
Who are you in this picture? It really isn't too late to make a choice. Remember - even this bed could be removed. It would change the tree again, but it would free the bed. You decide.
MaggieGrace goodies will be back Monday.
Have a fabulous weekend.
Added in response to a comment. I will post some pictures of the old house. It is an old frame wooden house, and it was moved to the proerty when I was small. The roof had started leaking, etc and an abandoned house goes downhill fast. So yes it will have to be torn down. But I will be taking more pictures there and sharing them in the future.


Felicia said...

I've taken many walks in the woods and I'm always fascinated when I run across some sort of man made object in the middle of an otherwise pristine wilderness. Many times its the result of an old homestead now long gone as a dwelling place. What I really love it finding a large batch of flowers growing where some housewife decades before made an attempt to beautify her home. So sweet.

What a wonderful bit of alone time you must have had :)

MaryAnn said...

What a post befitting both of us - I needed this, too!

ellen said...

I love the picture of the tree embracing the bed and yes, I think it is a metaphor for our lives....perhaps especially for women. It (the pic and your comments) remind me of the children's story, Goin' on a Bear Hunt. "Can't get over it, can't get under it, can't get around it, gotta go through it." Don't we all have to get through it?
Wishing you a great weekend.

Tanya said...

Thank you for visiting.
I certainly hope that I would be the tree and grow around my difficulties.
I don't consider myself very strong, but I am flexible. In Japan we would say, "Be like the bamboo and bend in the wind but never break."

firstborn said...

hi teresa!

came by to thank you for your kind comments & for visiting my blog...i thought i had your blog already listed on my is now, thought :>)!

i love this post! your words spoke to me & i hear you! i, too, want to say that i am like that tree...taking life as it comes & rolling with it...

it's been gorgeous weather here after so many days of rain...i hope you & the family are having a grand weekend!

:) mary ann