Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bunches of stuff...

This post will be a mishmash of things today.

First a picture from the 9-11 service the softball team had. The three players on the left are representing their siblings - all serving active duty for our country. The group to the right are the veterans we recognized. If you look at the fence line there is a complete line of law enforcement and emergency services personnel. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of these people and the others who are serving this country both here and abroad.

This beautiful little girl is Addison (the pup is Lucy). Addie has a big sister on the team and she has grown up at the ball field. She has a late summer birthday and I can remember her mom sitting in the car with the AC running with that tiny baby in her arms waiting to pick big sis up at practice. Such a sweet and smart little one. We all take turns being mommy.

Abby has her head up her A**. Her grades are falling. Mom is ready to scream. Anybody's guess why? She is 15 - has always been a disciplined straight A student - and focused ball player. Wanna guess what we have --------


Sweet kid. Name's Cody. But she is having a terrible time getting everything done. She's going to have to figure out her definition of time management. Teenage challenges..... I also think some of it has to do with Molly leaving. Time to really focus on getting this all situated. She's smart though, she will figure it all out.

The picture is from the homecoming dance on Friday night. She really was very pretty.

Got to see the College Freshman on Saturday and Sunday. She is really enjoying college and learning her own way through a sport and a demanding major. We went to dinner Saturday night with the team and families. That was fun - getting to know everyone. We also got to see her play a little. As a freshman, she doesn't get too much playing time.

One last MaggieGrace style picture. A quilt, made by my mom, for the College Freshman. When Abby saw it, she wanted it bad. Orange is her favorite color. Mom pieced this and had it quilted. We took it to her on Saturday and she had it on her bed before we left to come home. The pieced part of the quilt is made from scraps my mom bought at a yard sale. She bought the fabric for the backing at her local quilt store.

For the first time in several days, I spent time in MaggieGraceWorld. Honestly, with the chest pains I was having, I was a little afraid to be out there by myself. My family leaves me alone when I am in there so I felt alone. The chest pains are better now - only a little heart raceat times. Last night, I made some tags and got a baby gift ready for Local Best Friend. He has an employee who just became a new Dad and LBF wanted to send something to the baby. I pulled a baby blanket out of the stash and added a handmade tag to the gift wrapping. Congrats to Ryan and Hannah and new baby Taylor. Enjoy the small years - the teenage ones get a little stormy.

Have a great day everyone.


Carrie said...

Chest pains?!? You've got me scared! Do know why?

Does your cell work in the studio? Maybe you should get a wireless intercome for the studio/house?

phd in yogurtry said...

That's a beautiful quilt. Patchwork is my absolute favorite.

Queenly Things said...

Oh, that little one of yours is growing into such a knockout. You take care of yourself - in or out of the studio.

Anonymous said...

Our softball princess looked really pretty for the homecoming dance!! Love, "G"-Mother & "G"-Dad.