Monday, September 15, 2008

wonder where.......

This image is one of many posted at my friend Ellen's place, Growing Gills. I have nothing for you today except a story of my grown up girl job from many years ago. Please forgive me for posting your image Ellen!!!!

When I saw this at Ellen's I was transported back to an inventory weekend many years ago. I sell plumbing (have for many years) and annual inventory has to be the most stressful and hated time of the year for all of us. The way it works is really simple - close the store at lunch - form teams - take count sheets and physically count everything on your sheet - return sheet to the controller - he compares the number you got with the number the computer expects you to have - then you recount until somebody is convinced you can count.

The pipe in this picture is fairly large (looks like 2 inch pvc). My team was assigned 1/2 cpvc. it comes in 10 foot sticks and we had15000 some odd feet in stock. I counted little circles in a pipe rack at least 10 times in the dark that night before we got even close to what the computer siad we should have. I finally went and got the box of coffee stir sticks to keep up with where we were in the stack.

As scary as all the counting was - an even scarier admission. After we finished with the stir sticks, we put them back in the box and back by the coffee pot for plumbers the next morning. Nobody got sick - nobody died - and my count was right.

The moral of this - I bet every one of you will now wonder about your stir stick before you use one next time. LOL

Have a great afternoon.


Karen Junking in Georgia said...

i don't want to think about what else you have counted and what else you have used to mark your place did say you are in plumbing supply right?

ellen said...

You are welcome to use an image any time you want to! I thought maybe you were going to use the propane heater with the HOT word on it. Tee Hee.
Hope you are doing well and just thank your lucky stars that I am not on your counting team. I can barely count to 10 on a good day.
Is fall, my favorite time of year in the south, anywhere near to you yet? Hope so. It's so pretty in Ga. then.

Carrie said...

Tee-hee! I feel your pain, I when I was in the avionics dept, I had to do an inventory count every two weeks. By my self! Lots of itty bitty screws and transistors. I was the one who ordered stock, so I kept our levels low so I had less to count.

tipper said...

Yes I will!!

Lana said...

Well, at least it was "new" plumbing supplies! Thanks for the laugh to kick start my day.