Wednesday, September 10, 2008

reality + a little fun

One more shot from the weekend. I loved these chairs. There were several in this booth - all slightly different. I am not really into "big" construction stuff myself. but I adore these.

Now - the reality pictures I promised. I AM NOT DOMESTIC. God knows I would love to be. It ain't gonna happen. Mind you - my house is not dirty - I can't stand the idea of critters and stuff taking up residence. Lucky for me - my real friends do not seem to be too offended. Also, I can make it very presentable if I can have a few days notice. The clutter does not really bother me.

Here is the reality of MaggieGraceWorld. The counter top area. I can promise the view will change, but the overall idea will not. I work - I mess it up - I try and clean it up. Notice - those neatly stacked boxes from the earlier post are to the left edge of this picture.

The design wall - below and the storage bench. When I moved this into the studio, I intended for it to be extra seating. It however, is just another horizontal surface to stack things on. The baskets will hang in the "foyer" area of the studio, but since that is not finished, here they lie in wait. The rolling toolbox (to the right of the bench) is a great purchase. Lots of storage and wonderful for road trips. I always pack this for trade show setups for work and Bible School.

This bench is in the dining room. It was built by a man who owned this house before us. I did not buy it with the house. I found it in a friends barn/studio and fell in love with it. She told me she bought it from the house, but would not sell it to me. I just really felt like it needed to be home - so finally I traded a clawfoot and glass marble organ stool for it. Now - it catches clutter in the dining room. By the way - it was built from an old wooden bed. My mom made me the thin little cushion for the seat.

The state of the dryer at any time. I am incredibly fortunate - the man at my address does the laundry. He separates his stuff and leaves it right here - always. Towels, washcloths, socks and underwear. If I fold it and put it away, he "can't find it at all" - so here it stays.

There are lots more piles like this all around. I'll be honest with you. Time with those monsters and time for family and friends is more important to me. I just need to find a happier medium for all this domestic stuff.

Have a great afternoon.


Roxie said...

Do I ever understand the piles and clutter! Housework is not high on my list of "fun things I want to finish." It's not going anywhere, but my time for projects certainly is. Besides, housework is never finished, no matter how much one cleans.

LOVE the license plate chairs!

Karen Junking in Georgia said...

so what ? you are human.. I am always attempting to get things in impossible task.. you work and are gone a lot .. stuff happens it is called having a life so don't worry about it