Tuesday, September 09, 2008

fun stuff

We had a few minutes to kill on Saturday and spent that time in an Antiques Mall. I was not really all that impressed with the place. Much of the material was not marked with prices and the few things I asked about were way over-priced by the man at the counter. Needless to say - no money was spent.

I did however find some things that caught my eye.

Like this table - sorry about the glare from the overhead light. This was a handmade coffee table. Simple construction and lined with just folded fabric inside. I spotted it from across the room. Full of rocks - how weird.

Then I cruised across the area to get a closer look. They were rocks. Lots of rocks. Big ones - small ones - medium too. Each one labeled - a record of travels for someone. Somehow this makes me sad to see an artifact like this being sold insuch an impersonal manner. I loved the idea of the table. We gather items when we travel too. Postcards. Ornaments. All kinds of things. The kind of things that someday will find their way to the dump or a junk store like this. Sad.

Maybe that is why I adore the idea of reusing and breathing new life into items. Seems to keep that discarded feeling from continuing with an item. I know - deep thoughts.

For more in this line of thinking go to see the old barns at this site. I found this through Rachel Ashwell's new blog and I love it. I'll be back to look at this presentation again and again. Be sure and go through all the pages.


Softball Princess picture from Saturday - doing what she does. She has suddenly caught up with the college freshman as far as her height goes. Tall skinny girls.

Hope this finds all of you having a wonderful day.


Karen Junking in Georgia said...

that table is interesting reminds me of one of my college English profs.. he had a rock from every writer's grave he visited marked with the name and the date of his visit Brontes, Austen, Wolff they were all there

see you there! said...

It always tugs at my heart to find old but obviously personal items for sale. Old photos, old diaries. Then again, I wonder who in my family would want to keep most of the stuff I've collected over the years.