Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Never never land

I've been missing in action for several days now. Nothing is wrong, just a long weekend. Back to work today - to some serious computer problems. Seems the internet gets no farther than the router. This will have to be fixed - can't handle it at all. So here I am at nearly midnight, posting something new for Lannae to read.

Lannae has her own blog, but has yet to give me the link, maybe because she knows that I'll spread the word about her and all of you guys can get to know her too.

I accomplished a lot this weekend - in the house - in the studio - on the craft arena. Even my Mom wants to know where all this stuff came from in my house.

Take a look

MaryAnn asked about collections - does this qualify as one? Wooden boxes. Love them. Even the local best friend bought a wooden box for the gift card at Christmas. That open box contains cards from you guys.

Yet another picture of the shelf that I coverd with the scout handbook pages. As you can see, i still have some painting to finish. Look on top of the shelf and you will find a painting that the college freshman completed for me and dad. This will be moved to the house as soon as I decide where it will live.

Not everything is nice and neat yet ...

Why is it that some things that are stupidly time consuming make me the happiest while I work on them.

Just look at this project.

One overflowing box of ribbon and the really neat jar of those ribbons wound around scraps of card stck and card board. I have spent hours on this and I sit out there in the still and quiet and just enjoy the repetitive motion aspect of this. I have another gallon bag of ribbons and lace after I finish all that is in this picture.

Hope you are enjoying these sneak peeks as I am still adding to the space. I did make progress on the top secret project (you will all be let in on it soon) and also on some VERY LATE packages that need to head out. I promise I'll get there.

I have mentioned my beautiful mother-in-law, Ann, on more than one occasion here. Please lift her up and send well wishes as she heads off to a cardiologist tomorrow. Seems she "flunked" the stress test and the local docs have sent her to a more experienced physician. I'll copy any comments to her so she will know that many all over the world are praying for her.

I'll be off for another long weekend on Friday. Headed to a ball tournament in Columbus, GA with the Softball Princess. She's back and having a great season.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Oh and the name of the post - I never - never - never need to buy anything else for my creative pursuits -


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness! I was beginning to wonder if you were toying with me :)! Glad to see you are getting your regular posts in for me, regardless of the time of day or night. For the life of me, I cannot imagine why you don't post on the weekends! What exactly do you expect me to do on Saturdays and Sundays?!

Karen Junking in Georgia said...

I am so in envy of your studio... it is so neat and organized.... my craft( crap) room is a before picture... out of control... I am clearing some stuff from the house but the door to the craft room is closed....sending good thoughts to your mom in law

Vallen said...

I did the ribbon thing early in the summer but not nearly as well as you've done it. I just may go back and rewind.

Sandra Evertson said...

Wow, good for you!
Sandra Evertson

i am very mary said...

You ALWAYS ALWAYS need to buy more stuff.

Felicia said...

Love those wooden boxes! And your studio space is brimming with lovelies. How I wish mine were as tidy :)

Sending lots of positive thoughts for Ann!