Monday, September 08, 2008

My weekend

div>I had great plans to post photos, but the dang cable is at home.

The College Freshman is getting a tiny bit of playing time. She is working hard and learning a significant amount about the theory of time management. I can't post the pictures here, but you can link over to the school website and look. (she is uniform #2)


As you all know the Softball Princess played ball in Columbus, GA. at The Shaw Invitational. This is a well run tournament and one we look forward to playing every year. It is also a heavily recruited tournament for college coaches. Look at the promo photos of the softball complex.

It is a massive complex and the softball area is only a small part of the overall complex.

The very first view we had of the place looked like this.

Very well maintained - a beautiful location - well below the gnat line though.

Hot and humid - it is the south. Being from small town rural north Georgia, the girls were a little overwhelmed on Firday night. See we won all of our games on Friday and finished first in the gold bracket. These preliminary wins gave us the priviledge of playing in the Stadium on Saturday.
The entrance to the Stadium - this looks like a college campus to me. Ticket windows instead of table at the gate. Multilevel entrances. This is High School Softball in the big leagues.

Take a look at the players'view from right field. Nice.

The girls played well on Saturday morning, but the tournament was not finished because of a weather front bringing some serious storms. We were there ALL day on Saturday and played one game.

It was kind of a relaxing trek for me. We car pooled with some friends and Bryan drove. I got to create, visit with Rebecca and just sit back and rest. I did get to cruise through an antiques mall on Saturday - Pictures tomorrow.

I also have a belated birthday greeting for Miss MaryAnn - ya'll go tell her Happy Happy Birthday. I am trying desperately to finish the top secret project for her. Lucky for me - she has decided to go with the Vallen plan of a birthday season.

Ya'll have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great weekend. We are so proud of your girls! Thanks for sending people my is so fun to see comments from people I don't even know!

Carrie said...

Look at that! Your baby playing with the big girls. That is so cool.

Was the softball queen nervious about playing in the stadium?

tipper said...

Wow it does look like the big leagues!

With all your talk of Columbus GA-you've put an old song in my head-Way down in Columbus Georgia.