Tuesday, September 30, 2008

601 - a portable work box - - -

I got one of these as a surprise goodie. A plano box - according to Plano Molding this is one of their fishing tackle products. As I am cleaning, sorting, and organizing, I am utilizing all of the storage containers I have amassed at my house. I have the big tackle box too - more on that later.

I went to the doctor yesterday for full check up. The chest pains (although diagnosed as stress) worried me and I made an appointment for the full once over. Turns out this was the right decision - they did blood work, weighed me (15 lbs lighter than after my surgery last fall), and confirmed that my blood pressure is going to require medication. They gave me a pill in the office and asked me to wait for several minutes to make sure I did not have any reaction to this. I gladly accomodated the request - since the emergency room sent me home having a reaction to the morphine - now I am even wary.

I hardly ever take any medications. This often causes meds to be stronger than anticipated. No different here. I spend yesterday afternoon fighting the fatigue of too much of a good thing. My blood pressure dropped too far. Phone calls back to the office - then an adjustment to my prescription. Today is much better.

I cancelled my evening activities and parked my happy little fanny on the sofa. The only problem was I could see a mess out of the corner of my eye. I gathered up the tools to fix part of the mess.

Here is where I started. They are looped and some what untangled. Floss bits and bobs. Leftovers that I use for all kinds of projects. I just wish this was all of it. I gathered the floss, the Plano box, Scissors, a postage stamp shaped punch, scrap cardstock, and a hole punch and moved it all to the sofa with me. Look again at the mess.
I punched and untangled and looped and wrapped. I watched HOUSE reruns. I was alone and resting. An hour later look -------
One of the compartmented trays full of goodness. In a form that I can grab, carry, and use easily. As I add other things to this box - I'll decide carefully about the contents. This may become a small art escape kit.
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Have a fabulous day.


Carrie said...

I'm so glad you went to the DR. I'm not happy about you needing medication, but......

You are so good with the organizaton. I want to be you when I grow up! ;-)

see you there! said...

Tidy! Sometimes I have just as much fun lining all my bits and pieces up and making them tidy as I do when I actually make something. Maybe even more fun. Maybe that's why I don't turn out more finished objects, LOL!


i am very mary said...

ooooh! I love House!