Monday, September 22, 2008


I have seen a ton of different nest concepts out there. I even made a few last year at Christmas. On Friday Night we had softball - on Saturday all day we had softball. I found this little hank of yarn while I was looking for a project to take with me to the ball field. It was cooler this weekend here in the south, so I ended up taking the cowboy quilt. This quilt got put on the back burner last year when all my friends decided to have girls. Now that I have no really pressing gift event to come, I'll be working on this.

Anyway, back to the nest. I sat down and quickly crocheted a little nest shaped bowl. I am giving some friends a gift of money for a wedding present, but there is no way I can present it in an envelope. So - once finished - this will be the gift receptacle. I have been adding little bits and bob's to a tray as I am putting things away in the studio. I have already added some bits of tulle to this. (Just poked them through.) There are bits of lace, sheer fabric, fibers, ribbon, pearls, a few buttons, even some flower bits.

I'll be putting this in a glass bowl and adding the "real" gift to it.

Well over two years ago, I participated in a use what you have challenge. This has become a way of life for me now. For years I have accumulated stuff, my nest now overflows. For over two years I have predominately used what I have or what has been incredibly gifted to me. Here is the totally embarassing part - for 2 years I have purchased next to freakin' nothing and I still have a stash worthy of many more years work. Getting it into the studio in an organized fashion has allowed me to eliminate duplicate purchases. Being dedicated to using all the bits and pieces that I have accumulated has been a tremendously fulfilling decision as well.

The College Freshman visited us last night - without laundry. She did need gas in her truck and a few groceries. We also went to eat. The Softball Princess spent the afternoon with her boy at his house. This being a mom of a teenage girl and a new adult is the start of a serious new chapter in my life. I am beginning to see the end of the daily grunge of being a parent and having a little more time for me. Part of me is loving this - part of me hates it and part of me just really doesn't know what to do.

I do know that being a part of this community brings a feeling of incredible inspiration and support.

See you guys tomorrow. Have a wonderful day.


see you there! said...

What a clever and original way to present a gift of money. I'm sure the folks it is going to will appreciate it.


Lannae Johnson said...

I love the nest idea. You can just whip anything up, can't you! Just when you think you get your own kids practically grown, you then have to take my little guys and keep them straight in church. I loved that they wanted to sit with you instead of us!